What is Capacitor bank: Definition and 19 Discussions

A static VAR compensator (SVC) is a set of electrical devices for providing fast-acting reactive power on high-voltage electricity transmission networks. SVCs are part of the Flexible AC transmission system device family, regulating voltage, power factor, harmonics and stabilizing the system. A static VAR compensator has no significant moving parts (other than internal switchgear). Prior to the invention of the SVC, power factor compensation was the preserve of large rotating machines such as synchronous condensers or switched capacitor banks.The SVC is an automated impedance matching device, designed to bring the system closer to unity power factor. SVCs are used in two main situations:

Connected to the power system, to regulate the transmission voltage ("Transmission SVC")
Connected near large industrial loads, to improve power quality ("Industrial SVC")In transmission applications, the SVC is used to regulate the grid voltage. If the power system's reactive load is capacitive (leading), the SVC will use thyristor controlled reactors to consume VARs from the system, lowering the system voltage. Under inductive (lagging) conditions, the capacitor banks are automatically switched in, thus providing a higher system voltage. By connecting the thyristor-controlled reactor, which is continuously variable, along with a capacitor bank step, the net result is continuously variable leading or lagging power.
In industrial applications, SVCs are typically placed near high and rapidly varying loads, such as arc furnaces, where they can smooth flicker voltage.

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  1. johnboyman

    Trying to calculate the peak current of a Capacitor bank

    Hello I am building a Tesla Coil. I built it well I attached an image of the circuit I used. I bought a 15,000 volt transformer rated at 30 ma. I think it is too small for my tesla coil because it keeps blowing a fuses and a red light turns on. Here are the specs. -Inductance (L): 17 uH...
  2. S

    The use of current transformers

    Hello everyone, Recently, i have designed a capacitor bank for a company which they already have their main switch board with metering stuff. The ammeter of the main switch board has its own CTs but for the capacitor bank I need to install a CT separately. The spec of existing CTs for main...
  3. Y

    Discharging High Capacitance (6F @ 48v)

    This is my first post and am curious if anybody here has any experience or advice on how to discharge a capacitor bank with 6 1F capacitors connected in parallel. I built a electric hybrid (basically electric transmission) vehicle that uses a 31hp gas engine to power a 23kW (peak) DC generator...
  4. R

    Power Factor Correction (open leg on a floating wye)

    We had a switch fail to close on the A phase of a floating wye connected capacitor bank. The C phase fuse was found to be bad and was replaced, however the B phase fuse then blew. The bad switch was then found and replaced. After that the system operated normally. The contractor said the...
  5. L

    Power supplied by capacitor bank

    < Mentor Note -- thread moved to HH from the technical forums, so no HH Template is shown > Hi, I have the following circuit, where V2 is found to be 0.964∠-3.3 (degrees) p.u. Then I am to find the reactive power supplied by the capacitor bank (j0.25 p.u, to the right). I got the right...
  6. P

    Microwave on capacitors battery power

    I live in an rv. My power comes from solar and ocassional boost from my generator. I have 3600wh in battery power. But i know its really bad for my batteries to draw lot of power fast. So i would like to create a capacitor bank that would stay charged. Ive done some calculations but not...
  7. M

    Can I Design a Capacitor Bank without Any Previous Knowledge or Resources?

    im stuck on figuring out how to design a capacitor bank i have nothing to start with, its part of a project, and i want its input to be 12v (storage). im trying to google capacitor banks and trying to simulate my own using pspice but i keep getting floating nodes and missing resistors or...
  8. I

    My 27kJ capacitor bank seems to be only 27J. Need your help.

    So, I've been doing a lot of spot welding and research/development of this manufacturing process I came up with a while ago, both of which involve high-energy capacitor discharges, and my previous 2.3kJ capacitor bank just wasn't cutting it anymore. So, I invested in 100 "Green-Cap" 2.7v 100F...
  9. R

    Power Factor Correction: Capacitor Bank

    Typically the power factor penalty that a utility charges is only for inductive lagging power factors or leading ones too? i.e. is the penalty for all PF differences from unity or only on the inductive side? e.g. Say I have a lot of motors which bring the PF down & I add a static capacitor...
  10. AdityaDev

    How can I charge my capacitor bank without a 330v DC power supply?

    I have a capacitor bank (20x 330v 180uF capacitors in parallel). But i don't have 330v DC power supply to charge the capacitors to 330 volts. I tried using a 13.7v supply from an AC adapter, but the capacitors got charged only to 13.7v. What should i do for this?Should i use another capacitor...
  11. 1

    Can a small capacitor bank be used to power a robot with stable voltage?

    hi there, i want to know that how can i use a small capacitor bank which can be charged with 24 volts and gives out the same, please help. i want it to move motors for a robot like 9v to 12v each
  12. F

    Asynchronous generator running off grid on capacitor bank

    can anyone tell me if it is possible to run a asynchronous generator from a capacitor bank and what it may entail.
  13. J

    Efficiently Building a Small Capacitor Bank for a 9V Battery

    I've been interested in building a capacitor bank (a very small one for a simple 9V battery) but I'm not really sure how I should go about doing this. I've researched into other ways and found this would be the most efficient. I was going to try this the bank absorb as much power as it can...
  14. I_am_learning

    Why do Induction Generator need capacitor bank?

    I can't understand why Induction Generator when diving stand-alone load must be provided with capacitance bank. In fact I am not sure as how induction generator works at all. Here is my attempt. When the rotor rotates, then due to residual flux initially some voltage will induce in the...
  15. L

    How does a Capacitor Bank work

    I'm thinking of building a Capacitor bank.I'm here to confirm that i just connect the capacitors in parallel with each other? Do i put the discharge terminals in parallel too, just like any other circuit? How would i go about adding a feature to discharge all capacitors simultaneously? (by...
  16. B

    Substation Capacitor Bank Problem

    Hello everyone, I'm no engineer, just a guy that works in the electrical industry. Today I was doing some substation switching on a 138kv shunt capacitor bank, which consists of 11 capacitors connected in parallel forming a group, then four of those groups connected in series per...
  17. T

    Building a capacitor bank capable of pulsing 16000 A DC

    Ok so for those of you who have followed my recent threads, you will know that i am trying to find practical ways of obtaining a 16 kA DC pulse to create a magnetizing field. I have tried to locate a strong spot welder, but the DC pulse is three phase and results in a non uniform magnetic field...
  18. S

    Building a 365kJ Capacitor Bank for Experiments | Abiscus.com

    I am pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Physics, and I am almost done with my 4th out of 5 years ar Northeastern University (go SOX!) in Boston. I have a solid grasp of most theories related to the field. However, exploiting my knowledge upon a physical device for the...
  19. P

    Large capacitor bank for a science project

    Hi, I am building a Rail Gun for a science fair, i am having trouble though. i do not know what kind of resistors i should get for charging\discharging. my capacitor bank is made up of 2000 50V 10000Pf radial type ceramic capcitors. i though all i needed was 2000 50V resistors. please reply by...