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Microwave on capacitors battery power

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    I live in an rv. My power comes from solar and ocassional boost from my generator. I have 3600wh in battery power.

    But i know its really bad for my batteries to draw lot of power fast.

    So i would like to create a capacitor bank that would stay charged.

    Ive done some calculations but not sure. Gigo.

    Here what i have to work with
    600F supercapacitors at 14.1v
    12v battery * 2 @ 310Ah capacity.
    An inverter efficiency at 80%
    A microwave 750w but i know thats got to be doubled due to other things not just power to heat water.

    I can assume at full charge the capacitors are going to be around 12.5 volts. They need to be in parallel with battery bank and ill just discipline myself not to run it if batt volt below 12.5v.

    Fully charged my batteries are around 13.7v. Chemisty is agm.

    Can multiple people take shots to figure out how many capacitors i need to run microwave for 3min?

    Need to see calculations with explanation so can check if any assumptuons not consistent with situation. Have though process vetted by multiple people to ensure its correct and have equation for future reference if cannot afford all the capacitors what i can do with what i can afford.

    A lively discussion will also be appreciated.
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    Closed pending moderation.
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    Welcome to the PF, @Pepman :smile:

    We do not allow dangerous discussions here on the PF. And given your level of knowledge in electronics, trying to give you some guidance would not be smart on our part. I'd recommend that you stick with batteries for the time being, or as you say, augment the power with your generator during peak power draw times. Thread will remain closed.
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