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  1. Athenian

    Einstein Summation Convention Question 2

    Below is my attempted solution: $$\epsilon_{ij \ell} \, \epsilon_{km \ell} \, \epsilon_{ijm} \, a_k$$ $$\Rightarrow (\delta_{ik} \, \delta_{jm} - \delta_{im} \, \delta_{jk}) \epsilon_{ijm} \, a_k$$ $$\Rightarrow \delta_{ik} \, \delta_{jm} \, \epsilon_{ijm} \, a_k - \delta_{im} \, \delta_{jk}...
  2. Athenian

    Einstein Summation Convention

    Attempted Solution: $$a_i \, b_j \, c_k \, \epsilon_{ij \ell} \, \epsilon_{3k \ell}$$ $$a_i\, b_j\, c_k\, (\delta_{i3} \, \delta_{jk} - \, \delta_{ik}\, \delta_{j3})$$ Beyond this, though, I am quite lost. I know I am very close to the answer, but seeing this many terms can become fairly...
  3. Raptor112

    Einstein Summation

    Homework Statement My question is regarding a single step in a solution to a given problem. The step begins at: ##\large \frac{\partial \alpha _j}{\partial x ^i} \frac{\partial x^i}{y^p} \frac{\partial x^j}{\partial y^q} - \frac{\partial \alpha _j}{\partial x ^i} \frac{\partial x^i}{\partial...