What is Engine torque: Definition and 19 Discussions

Torque Game Engine, or TGE, is an open-source cross-platform 3D computer game engine, developed by GarageGames and actively maintained under the current versions Torque 3D as well as Torque 2D. It was originally developed by Dynamix for the 2001 first-person shooter Tribes 2. In September 2012, GarageGames released Torque 3D as open-source software under the MIT License.Torque 3D features a world editor suite including tools for sculpting terrain and painting forests, drawing rivers and roads, as well as material, particle and decal editing. It supports the open COLLADA file format as interface to 3D digital content creation software. PhysX provides support for cloth dynamics, rigid body dynamics, destructible objects and joints, as well as fluid buoyancy simulation. Other features include a deferred lighting model and modern shader features such as dynamic lighting, normal and parallax occlusion mapping, screen space ambient occlusion, depth of field, volumetric light beam effects, lens flare/corona effects, refraction, bloom, blurring and color correction, among others. Networking functionality for multiplayer support is included as well. Build support is provided for desktop Windows, Linux, macOS and Web platforms.

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  1. R

    Unreasonable values for engine torque in vehicle simulation

    I'm trying to simulate the physics of a Toyota Camry during acceleration with a time granularity of 100ms. My simulated conditions are as follows: m = 1590 kg v = 17 m/s a = 1.5 m/s2 η (transmission efficiency) = 0.85 rwheel = 0.35 m Fdrag = 100 N Ffriction = 260 N Faccel = 1590 kg × 1.5 m/s2 =...
  2. Mbenj

    How do I calculate the torque of an Internal Combustion Engine?

    Hello all, This is my first post on here so sorry if its not the greatest. I am starting to make a car based video game for the ios in which you are able to customise cars and race them. One feature i wanted to include in this game was the ability to create unique engines. I don't want it...
  3. vysqn

    Is engine torque a static force?

    Maybe stupid question but it confuses me:) For Example engine produces 100Nm of torque at 3000RPM. So that's mean that this 100Nm at 3000RPM in this particular moment is static force? Because torque doesn't move anything. If it start to spin, it doing work and work over time is POWER. (~43Hp at...
  4. T

    Automotive Engine Torque Control: A Guide to Automatics & DCTs

    Hi guys, I have a question about engine torque control in automatic transmissions and dual clutch transmissions. I've seen cases where the engine torque is decreased on an up-shift and increased during a downshift. Why is this done?
  5. E

    Effects of engine torque on engine to chassis mountings

    I'm currently working on a design for a go-kart-like vehicle which involves some calculations. The engine used is a motorcycle engine and it is mounted to the main chassis via steel rods. I would like to know how the engine torque (i have an estimated value of ~45Nm) will cause stress and...
  6. J

    Calculating wheel torque from engine torque

    Im currently writing a code to find the optimum rpm points to shift gears to maximize acceleration. Thus far I've found the shift points and the rpm's after an upshift, meaning I have my bounds on my rpm vs torque curve. For simplicity's sake I'm assuming and increase of 1000 rpm to take 1...
  7. anj

    Automotive Working Back from Wheel Torque to Engine Torque

    Hello All, Is it possible to work back from drive torque at wheel to engine torque? Can it be described with basic equations and is the calculation same between all wheel drive and front wheel drive? Thanks Anj,
  8. L

    A question about diesel engines

    I have read ( excuse me but i don't remember the reference) that a diesel engine, contrary to an engine that works on the otto cycle, is a " steady torque" engine meaning that torque doesn't change with revolutions. Could someone explain me the reason? ( in case that this statement is true )...
  9. S

    Calculation of torque of engine (mathematically)

    We have tried to convert a petrol engine into a compressed air engine back in our graduation project. At that time we only measured the RPM of engine using tachometer and pressure of compressed air using pressure gauge. Now, we need to know the power of wngine at those readings. As the setup is...
  10. E

    Estimating Wheel Torque From Engine Torque

    It seems possible to obtain engine torque and RPM from a truck CAN bus. I'd like to estimate tractive force at the wheels given these two values. How should I go about computing torque at the wheels? Wouldn't I need gear ratio, which doesn't seem obtainable from the CAN bus? Do I need to...
  11. I

    Engine torque: Can an alternator increase ICE torque?

    Hi there. What would happen if, while generating electricity with a fixed inlet power from the ICE, the alternator suddenly increase the out put demand by increasing the voltage? Does the engine would augment the torque while reducing RPMs? consider a self excited alternator, the voltage is...
  12. anycast

    Calculate combustion engine torque

    Hi, I'm currently doing a small racing game where I allow players to tweak their car's engine (control number of cylinders, cylinder bore/stroke, turbo chargers, etc). I've understood the very basics of how combustion engines work but I'm still struggling on how to calculate engine torque...
  13. C

    Dozer Engine Torque and Horsepower Calculations

    I have been given a project at work to find the number of dozers needed to push a certain volume of material in a certain amount of time. My issue comes with the actual horsepower of the dozers. We run D10T, D11R, D11R CD, and D11T Cat "track-type tractors". So from what I am thinking, I want to...
  14. S

    Calculating Car Engine Torque: A Guide to Plotting the Torque Curve

    I have a car engine specs and I wanted to estimate the torque at each speed and plot the torque curve. I have calculated the road load or the running resistance force for all gears at different RPM's and found the speed (m/s) for each RPM. How to estimate the torque of the engine in order...
  15. K

    A question about the relationship between MPG and engine TORQUE

    Is it true that a car has it's best fuel consumption in max torque RPM? For example, if a car produces it's max torque in 4500 RPM, does it use the least amount of fuel by driving constantly in 4500 RPM?
  16. P

    Converting engine torque to applied linear force

    Hello, For a given vehicle, I want to use a given chart for engine torque vs. engine speed (or hp vs. engine speed) and convert it to an approximate 'applied linear force' on the car (assuming no wheel slippage). I need a very rough approximation, so I've averaged the engine torque and...
  17. T

    Cyclic variation of engine torque

    ! Cyclic variation of engine torque If the cylinders fire sequentially according to the fire order 1-2-4-3 What is the pattern of the cyclic variation of each cyclinder engine torque and the resultant engine torque?
  18. E

    Measuring Engine Torque with Alternative Fuels | How-To Guide

    i've got an engine to work with, and i have the basic specs of it like peak hp @ an rpm. but, i don't have figures for torque. I need to know how i can measure the torque of the engine with different fuels. I calculated the torque of the engine from their hp figure, but I'm having trouble...
  19. N

    Converting engine bmep to engine torque

    I looked it up on wikipedia and found this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mean_effective_pressure which states that 'BMEP is calculated by taking the torque exerted by the engine over a revolution for a two-stroke engine and two revolutions for a four-stroke, and dividing it by its...