What is Exam prep: Definition and 28 Discussions

Test preparation (abbreviated test prep) or exam preparation is an educational course, tutoring service, educational material, or a learning tool designed to increase students' performance on standardized tests. Examples of these tests include entrance examinations used for admissions to institutions of higher education, such as college (e.g. the SAT and ACT), business school (the GMAT), law school (the LSAT or LNAT), medical school (the MCAT), BMAT, UKCAT and GAMSAT and graduate school (the GRE) and qualifying examinations for admission to gifted education programs.

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  1. warhammer

    Cracking Exams: Overcoming Knowledge Gaps for Intro QM

    Summary:: I understand the consensus on PF about studying for knowledge and not merely for "cracking Semester Exams" but I urge you all to go through below thread before attaching to that feeling in my case. Hi. So I have my Exams on Intro QM approaching very soon, which will be a combination...
  2. bluesteels

    Exam Prep: Electric Field - Is It Zero?

    I'm having an exam soon so i want to make sure. Is the electric field here zero?? cause if i draw gauss surface covering both of them they should cancel out or am i wrong.
  3. 0

    Studying Wrong Mindset to Study: Tips from an Engineer's Journey

    There is a brazilian lady that created a youtube channel with tips to succeed in local admission exams. She is focused on high competition, such as engineering (she is one) and meds (she passed by studying 3 months prior then dropped out in the first month). She skipped MA and went from BC...
  4. Zeynaz

    Testing Tips for Taking a Physics Test

    I will be taking a very important Physics test next week based on advanced physics topics. I realized that generally i am able to solve the questions successfully on my own. But the problem is when i take mock exams i seem to get “panicked” and miss details, or use wrong values. After the exam I...
  5. starstruck_

    Testing Exam Prep Advice: First Year Physics Undergrad

    Hey! I'm a first year physics undergrad and my finals start on the 17th ( 17th - calculus, 19th - physics, 21st linear algebra) and I was wondering if I could have some advice on how to study or whether or not the way I am studying is a good idea/ how to improve it. I don't really have a...
  6. C

    Classical Chapters from Morin's book that help with F=ma exam prep?

    What chapters from Morin's Introduction to Classical Mechanics Textbook will help me prepare for the F=ma exam? I also have the Feynman Lectures and the Halliday Resnick textbook. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)
  7. R

    Testing Preparing for My First Physics Exam: Tips and Advice from a UCD Student

    I got accepted to UCD this fall and am now taking physics. I have been working really hard, I read the book, did the work - which was very challenging and I didn't do very well on it. So I have been working even harder. It's okay to mess up on homework, but the work is surprisingly challenging...
  8. R

    Studying How to Prepare for an Exam Tips

    Hello everyone, In this post, i am discussing on how to prepare for an exams or to get good marks in exams. Step 1 :> Preparing to Study (a) Start studying early. Give yourself more than enough time to review the material that was covered in class. You might want to gauge how soon to start...
  9. G

    Dynamics exam prep -- forces explanation in FBD please

    I am doing a review for a Dynamics exam, but I am having trouble with this one question (below). Please note the top of the picture contains the answers. What I have done is make a free body diagram that includes the tension of the cable and the weight of the rider/swing. So according to my...
  10. N

    Engineering Circuit Realization of XOR function with Three inputs

    Homework Statement This is from a past exam paper for logic design in my course. I have an exam coming up and would love to know how to solve this one. [/B] Develop a circuit realization of the XOR function with three inputs. You may use AND, OR and NOT-gates with not more than two inputs...
  11. R

    Maximize Success in Independent Study Calculus: Tips from Experienced Students

    Has anyone been through independent study calculus course ( DE through a university out of Utah)? I really miss the aspect of having an instructor but I do enjoy being able to focus on the aspects that I am not great at while passing over things that I've already learned. I would really like to...
  12. Medicol

    Exam Prep to enter graduate course

    It's been such a long time since I last worked with maths (~8-9 years). I am seeking a popular advanced math curriculum for a non-math major to warm myself up for a coming entrance exam to a graduate school. Links to free materials online would be the best offering! Thanks!
  13. G

    How Many Ways to Select Elements in a 6x5 Array with Constraints?

    [b]1. Given a 6x5 array of unique elements, how many ways can three elements be selected so that no two are in the same row or column? [b]2. Fundamental Counting Principle? [b]3. This question was a sample question in the Actuary P1 exam prep I am reviewing. I thought it would be...
  14. B

    MHB Exam Prep Part 2: Resolving Complex Integrals

    Now that I'm finally getting the hang of some of these integration techniques with complex functions, I've come across another hole. In my game here. That comes with the concept of resolving the definite integral of these complex functions. What happens is that they fluctuate and so can...
  15. B

    MHB Exam Prep Part 1: Distinguishing Rules & Techniques

    So, I'm gearing up for a final exam her, and while I handled learning the integration of trig,log and exponential functions... Nowthat I've got a good grasp of all these rules I'm getting lost in the sheer vastness of what I need to be aware of... For example, how do you, in general...
  16. O

    First Year Physics Exam Prep: Challenging Problems Across Multiple Topics

    ΔHomework Statement I'm preparing for my first year university physics exam and was wondering if the PF community could give me some 'more difficult' problems that I could work on. If you could can the problems involve combinations of topics (ex. relative motion, kinematics, dynamics...
  17. M

    IT Exam Prep Help: Ace Your Final High School Exam in South Africa

    Homework Statement I am writing an IT exam next week, in my country, South Africa. It is my final high school exam. This paper tests theory about computer software and hardware. The testers usually ask quite a bit about random stuff that is not always in the textbooks, like what is a wiki...
  18. H

    Understanding Equations for Chemistry Exam Prep

    can someone clear my concepts about these two equations ? Equation 1... Concentration(g/dm3) = Concentration (Mol/Dm3) % Mass Of 1 Mole Of Solute Equation 2... Number Of Moles Of Solute=Concentration(Mol/Dm3) x Volume In Cm3 % 1000cm3 reply quickly.. got my chem school exam tommorow...
  19. C

    Ceiling Lights in Parallel Circuits: Exam Prep Help

    Homework Statement ceiling light are connected in a parallel circuit, if one of the light bulbs burns out, will the other two bulbs be brighter? pls help me >.< my science exam is tomorrow.:(
  20. M

    FE Exam Prep: Standardized Test or Different Every Time?

    Im planning to take the FE exam and would like to get some info. For one, is this a standardized exam in that the questions are generally taken from the same bank (similar to the way FAA knowledge exams are) or is each FE exam individually created and used only once? I just want to get an idea...
  21. N

    What Are the Challenges in Solving Computer Vision Exam Questions?

    Homework Statement Hi! I'm preparing on some previous exam questions for a computer vision related course. Here are some questions I'm struggling with. 1. A general form of nonlinear diffusion scheme of an image I(r) can be represented as a Partial Differential Equation...
  22. B

    Four-Vectors: Definition Issues & Exam Prep

    Im having some four-vector definition issues. I have a relativity exam coming up and they quite often ask about 4-vectors. 1) Does this definition sound ok? 'A four-vector is 4 numbers, say X=(X0, X1, X2, X3), used to describe an event in minkowski space. The 'zeroth' is the time component...
  23. L

    Understanding Limiting Reagents and Pressure Calculations in Gas Reactions

    Well I found that HCl was the limiting reagent. I figured that since the equation is a 1:1 ratio I could just set the mols of NH4Cl as the mols of HCl and solve for the pressure using the ideal gas law. Apparently there is another step, where I have to subract the mols of the two gasses, and...
  24. N

    GRE Math subject exam Prep- Pre-calc

    GRE Math subject exam Prep-- Pre-calc For those of you who are preping, or have taken it already, what did you use to prep for the pre-calc section of the GRE subject exam in math?
  25. V

    Final Exam Prep: Practice Question

    Homework Statement http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/3338/question10em4.jpg Homework Equations This is a practice question for final exam, I very much appreciate if someone can help.
  26. I

    Solving Textbook Problems for Exam Prep: Angular Momentum & Impulse

    Hey, These questions are in my textbook and seeing that I have an exam coming up any help with these problems would be greatly appreciated. 1) A space shuttle is located in 'deep space', where the effects of gravity can be neglected. It has a mass of 120 Mg, a centre of mass at G, and a...
  27. M

    Did I Solve This Exam Prep Problem Correctly?

    Hello everyone! I need to seee if i did this problem right...The answer isn't in the back of the book and I'm studying for an exam! here is my work and problem: http://show.imagehosting.us/show/775021/0/nouser_775/T0_-1_775021.jpg if that link is slow check this one...
  28. E

    How Do You Escape the Room Using Two 50-Foot Ropes and a Knife?

    "You are locked in a 50x50x50-foot room which sits on 100-foot stilts. There is an open window at the corner of the room, near the floor, with a strong hook cemented into the floor by the window. So if you had a 100-foot rope, you could tie one end to the hook, and climb down the rope to...