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The Hep-Hep riots from August to October 1819 were pogroms against Ashkenazi Jews, beginning in the Kingdom of Bavaria, during the period of Jewish emancipation in the German Confederation. The antisemitic communal violence began on August 2, 1819 in Würzburg and soon reached the outer regions of the German Confederation. Many Jews were killed and much Jewish property was destroyed.

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  1. kimi7335

    I Distribution of satellite clusters around seed cluster in ATLAS

    From data of proton-proton collisions at the LHC using the ATLAS detector I have plotted a heatmap of the distribution of satellite clusters (brem and converted photons) around seed clusters (electron/photon candidates without satellites) at (eta, phi) = (0,0). The data I am using is of the...
  2. darkfluffypanda

    Schools ETH Zurich Physics or HEP? Or something else?

    Hello everyone, I'm soon going to be done with my bachelor's degree, so I am looking for masters to apply to. I am quite interested in pursuing a career in theoretical physics with an interest in particle physics and cosmology. One such master's degree that caught my attention is the degree in...
  3. W

    Physics Fusion research potential for a HEP graduate?

    Hi all, I got my Ph.D. a couple of years back (HEP physics) but for various reasons I never applied for any postdoc positions. I ended up working as a software engineer. It's been alright, it pays the bills, but I really don't give a damn about the work and feel quite unfulfilled and...
  4. Fosheimdet

    A Understanding the Form Factor in Electron Scattering

    I'm reading through Thomson's "Modern Particle Physics", and I've gotten stuck at a point in the derivation of the form factor for electron scattering in a static potential due to an extended charge distribution. It's just a mathematical "trick" i don't quite get. He goes from $$\int\int...
  5. CharlieCW

    Programs PhD in HEP vs PhD Cosmology&GR

    Hello there. I just finished my Bsc. in Engineering Physics+M.eng and I'm about to enter my Msc in Physics (no direct PhD in my country), so I'm choosing which electives to take on my first semester (as my professors suggested me to skip most of the basics). While I entered with the idea to...
  6. Photonino

    I Why do systematic uncertainties disappear using ratios?

    Hello, I often hear the phrase "Well, since you are taking a ratio bin-by-bin, you don't have to care about the luminosity syst. uncertainty and the trigger efficiency syst. uncertainty". I think I understand qualitatively why this is the case (It cancels out in the ratio, since both...
  7. A

    High Energy Recommended books in HEP, QFT, QM, GR

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to make a list of recommended books (introductory and advanced). So far, what I was able to search are the following: Particle Physics: - Griffiths: Introduction to Elementary Particles - Thomson: Modern Particle Physics - Nachtmann: Elementary Particle Physics -...
  8. ohwilleke

    I Is the new 3.0 TeV bump at ATLAS a fluke?

    The ATLAS experiment has seen a bump that could be a new particle at a mass of 3.0 TeV/c^2 with a local significance of more than three sigma, and a global significance of a bit more than two sigma in Run-2 data looking at decays of qqbb states to a W or Z boson and a Higgs boson. It is...
  9. upigdir

    Physics Theoretical HEP or neuroscience?

    ever since my first year in undergraduate, I wanted to pursue a degree on theoretical high energy physics. so I took a lot of theoretical classes and started a double major in math (I dropped it after I took some classes I was interested in). however now I have only one year left, I began to...
  10. ChrisVer

    Tutoring C++ in HEP: Challenges & Common Questions

    Hi people, This semester I am going to be a tutor for a master course class on C++ in HEP... I would like to listen from people with more expertise on the field: 1. What do students find (in general) difficult to understand in C++ from your experience with teaching it? In my case I think the...
  11. S

    Other Recently finished HEP Ph.D. but unsure of next move....

    I've recently finished my Ph.D. in HEP physics but I've not yet applied for any jobs since I don't really know what to do next. So I'm here hoping for some advice/ideas; I'll give fuller details for anyone who can be bothered to read them (sorry about the extreme length). Anyway... I'm almost...
  12. L

    Admissions Low GPA, EE undergraduate major applying HEP PhD

    Hi Before closing, I apologize for too long passage calling for the advise. I thought I need to give the potential advisors as precise information as I can. I graduated from a university in South Korea with major in Electrical engineering and minor in physics. I decided to change my major to...
  13. ChrisVer

    A Analyses in HEP and bugs in codes

    I have a stupid question that has been bugging me for quiet some time and I wouldn't try to post it if I could give myself a reasonable answer, but here it goes: In order to make an analysis in HEP, people rely on codes/tools/frameworks and stuff like this... Here goes my thinking: 1. Suppose an...
  14. L

    Studying When can I start research as a PhD in HEP?

    I'm in the first year of HEP PhD program and currently learning QFT. The reason why I'm still learning QFT as a grad student even though it has been almost 9 months since I started PhD is because I started physics lately - I changed major when I was junior. I haven't studied SUSY, Supergravity...
  15. F

    Admissions Will HEP Experience Limit My Grad School Options in Theoretical Physics?

    Hi there, I'm a junior in undergrad, and so far I've had a summer of research experience at an REU, just started research at my current school in December, and am doing another REU this summer. I'm a transfer student and at my previous school there were literally no research opportunities...
  16. A

    Schools Schools in Canada for HEP theory

    I am looking to apply to some schools in Canada for the M.Sc. program in HEP theory as a safety option. I have already applied to UBC, McGill and Waterloo (none of which I consider safeties, btw). What do you think about Simon Fraser and U of Saskatchewan? Are their departments good in general...
  17. Joshua L

    Schools Best Physics Graduate Schools for QFT, GR, and HEP?

    Hey guys, just curious of your opinions on this matter. Which graduate schools are the best to earn a Ph.D. in physics theory from and research in concerning the theoretical sub-fields Quantum Field Theory, General Relativity, and Elementary Particle Physics (maybe String Theory)? Which has...
  18. H

    Exploring High Energy Theory: A PhD Student's Perspective

    Hey everyone, I'm clearly new here but currently working on my PhD in High Energy Theory, circa April 2015 (5 years and still going strong). Anyway, I've always hopped on here to browse a few topics and hope I can continue to do so but officially now! Also, I like helping people who are...
  19. O

    Find US HEP Research Groups | Best Experimental High Energy Physics

    Where to go to study experimental high energy physics in the US? What are the best groups working on experiment HEP to join with?
  20. H

    What is the significance of using pseudorapidity in HEP experiments?

    I read some of the articles related to particle physics experiment and don't know the meaning of it. 1. minimum bias event 2. pile up Also, η (pseudo-rapidity) is used instead of θ to describes the angular distribution, but why ? Can someone explains to me ?
  21. B

    I love HEP Theory, but doubts about future.

    Hello! This is my first time starting my own thread and I have spent a lot of time reading other threads and posts about Physics grad admission. My post is not really about "WILL I GET ACCEPTED?" per say, but I just need a place to write about how I feel and for some reason I feel like doing it...
  22. Islam Hassan

    HEP: Energy Only in Kinetic or Potential Forms?

    I read recently that all energy is either kinetic or potential. In high energy physics, it is easy to understand the kinetic bit, but potential energy eludes me. What are some examples of potential energy at the high energy physics/elementary particle level? Also, if strings exist, how is...
  23. D

    List of HEP graduate programs?

    Hi, I've been trying to find a list somewhere of some of the better HEP graduate programs in the US. I can't find anything specific to HEP though. Does anyone know where I may be able to find this information (online)? I know the some of the more prestigious schools have some of the...
  24. L

    Are There Swing Dancers on PhysicsForums?

    I was wondering if there were any others on the forum who do some form of swing. I personally do list lindy hop, and a little bit of blues and balboa. If not how about other types of dance?
  25. E

    Finding Research Topics in HEP (Undergraduate level)

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for something I could research for a paper I have to write about my major (Physics). I could do history of particle physics, but I'd rather not. Any and all suggestions would be great! Thanks for your time, Elwin
  26. K

    Schools Summer Schools for HEP PhDs: QCD Theory & Phenomenology

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone have some suggestions on good summer schools, or where I can find them, for PhD students in High Energy Physics? Europe based would be good but perhaps not necessary. More specifically I am working in QCD Theory/Phenomenology. Cheers!
  27. C

    What is the value of a B.S. in math when applying to a HEP grad program?

    Im currently in my second year of college, but am a year out from finishing the requirments for a B.S. in physics. If I keep the 18 hours/semester going I could finish a double major for math as well. When applying to a particle/high energy grad program how much weight would a B.S. in math hold...
  28. J

    Java Javascript/JQuery Nav Button Highlighting

    I am writing a small personal webpage (http://pubpages.unh.edu/~jmm42/JML/levesque.html# ), and am trying to write code so that when the cursor is over my navigation buttons, the buttons highlight to a gray color #404040: and the text color becomes white. I am trying to write this code in...
  29. I

    Statistical Analysis in High-Energy Physics: Methods and Applications

    Hi, Could anyone tell me what type of statistical test is used to estimate the parameters of the standard model? I hear many particle physicists say, eg. "we have a 95% confidence that this quark mass falls between A and B" and what immediately comes to mind are the methods of statistical...
  30. N

    Time to Cross Trains: 200m & 150m, 40km/hr & 45km/hr

    two trains 200 meters and 150 metrers are running on the parallel raila at this rate of 40km/hr and 45 km/hr.in how time will they cross each other if they are running in the same direction?
  31. L

    Professorship Prospects for Particle Physicists

    Hi all, I was wondering what are the prospects of becoming a professor as a particle physicist. Since the LHC experiments have over 5000 scientists and then there's neutrino, heavy ion, dark matter/energy searches, and more, it seems that getting a professorship after ~3 yrs of postdoc work for...
  32. I

    HEP: Definition of Soft Particle & Branching Fractions in GeV

    in HEP, what exactly is the definition of soft particle? also, why are branching fractions \Gamma in GeV instead of a unitless ratio?
  33. L

    Important discoveries in HEP, experimental

    I was wonder what you felt the important experimental discoveries in high energy physics over the past twenty five years have been? This is a subject I'm not familiar with and would like to do a bit of reading on my own. For instance, I imagine the possible mass of the neutrino would be on...