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Schools in Canada for HEP theory

  1. Feb 11, 2016 #1
    I am looking to apply to some schools in Canada for the M.Sc. program in HEP theory as a safety option. I have already applied to UBC, McGill and Waterloo (none of which I consider safeties, btw). What do you think about Simon Fraser and U of Saskatchewan? Are their departments good in general and HEP theory in specific? I would ultimately like to do a PhD at the same place or elsewhere.
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    I would consider UVic as well.
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    Thanks @Mondayman . UVic was a good option. However, their deadline for full consideration for scholarships was January 15. I called them up. They said they've sent out their first round of offers and if all accept there'd be very few vacant positions available. Plus, I'm not Canadian. So, it might be a bit more difficult to get admitted.
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    I did my PhD at McGill; they have a very good HEP theory research program, although two profs have left recently including Guy Moore whom I would consider the "spiritual leader" of McGill HEP. Rather than looking at the schools, look at the professors in each department and see if there's anyone who does stuff you're specifically interested in.
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