What is Learning math: Definition and 27 Discussions

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  1. JorgeA22

    Learning a new topic in graduate school classes in Physics

    Homework Statement: My question is how do you approach a new topic in Physics?, I'm starting grad school next semester and I think that I don't have the best routine studying Physics, so I wanted to know what are your best tips to learn something new in physics? Specially after the pandemic I...
  2. Y

    Studying Advice on self studying material

    Hi. Looking for general advice on self studying math, physics, programming etc. What happens often with me is either I go too fast and encounter for which my basics aren't clear enough and going back and forth between chapters/modules boggs me down. So, I erase my overall progress and just...
  3. P

    Education articles about Astronomy helping learning Math and Physics

    Is there any specialize articles that talk about how Astronomy can help learning Math and Physics? In particular, how observational astronomy can help in the learning process of Math and Physics.
  4. Frouel

    Studying Learning Math & Physics: Questions & Tips

    I have a few questions concerning learning mathematics and physics. 1. How to learn abstract definitions? Must I do learn it by heart? How to understand and apply them correctly? 2. What type of subjects you learn in theoretical physics include mathematics. I need subjects with all years of...
  5. M

    B Using competitive math question books for learning math?

    Hi, I have seen that their are competitive math books like Moems, Mathcounts, Mandelbrot and AMC. Are these useful for learning and practicing math, or are they only useful for doing competitions and would be mostly a waste of time instead of learning from textbooks or just learning more new...
  6. Nihal Jalal

    How do i learn math and physics from the ground up?

    I know there is a lot of questions like this in this community but I need a personalized answer. I am 15 years old. I've always loved physics and always asks questions. My wish for learning physics dates back to 2016. Yeah that's right, I've spend two years just looking for the right resources...
  7. Septenary

    Rebuilding Math Skills to Become a Mechanical/Aerospace Engineer

    I would love to learn math and become a great mechanical / aerospace engineer, but there is one huge problem! I dropped my math classes in the 10th grade because I was an idiot. Years ago I didn't want to learn math, I hated it but now I love learning. I love challenges, learning is truly my...
  8. B

    Is This the Key/Secret to Learning Math?

    Does this 81-year-old hold the key to teaching kids how to understand math? (Jan. 24) https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/does-this-81-year-old-hold-the-key-to-teaching-kids-how-to-understand-math/2016/01/24/534f6116-c12e-11e5-9443-7074c3645405_story.html But week after week...
  9. F

    B Learning Math from scratch. Need Help

    Need some kind of outline to learn math from beginner to an advanced level. Where should I start and how should I progress through the different subjects of mathematics? I want to be on a really advanced level in mathematics. Like a mathematics professor level/higher. Also, some book...
  10. S

    Learning math through programming?

    In short, I'm looking to switch careers but I need to learn math from the ground up. I like the idea of physics or engineering (Specifically something related to product design). Problem is, I have a really crappy math background and need to fill in that gap in knowledge, among other things...
  11. E

    Where Can I Find Interactive Online Resources for Learning Math for My GED?

    Hi guys, I am currently self-studying math for my GED (Matura in Austria), and I kinda need to step up my game by a lot. I do not attend any courses, nor do I plan to do so. I've been trying to learn from the school textbooks, but since they do not provide answers, nor approach hints or tips...
  12. T

    How to know if you really are learning math?

    I'm doing extremely well in my math class but I worry that all I'm doing is learning how to do problem a, and not concept behind problem a. What are some signs that you are doing more than just memorizing a set of problems? I wanted to find out how many times I'd need to do something to get a...
  13. C

    Learning Math From Very Basics to Calc and more

    I am going to major in chemical engineering next year, but I feel like I don't have a great base in math, chemistry, or physics. Sure, I got "good" grades at the time, but I took a year off the subjects and now I feel like I am helpless. What would be the best way to go about learning this on...
  14. Z

    Recommend Website for Learning Math on my Own?

    Recommend Website for Learning Math on my Own?? When learning algebra, my instructor used an online program/website called pearson/my mathLab to assign homework. i found this to be EXTREMEMLY helpful in learning how to do the work, as it provided unlimited practice problems with solutions, and...
  15. T

    Best ways of practicing and learning math?

    I am currently re teaching myself the lower levels of math and was wondering what would the best ways for remembering is it just straight memorization? Or is there another way?
  16. A

    Learning Math Differently: Understanding ODEs

    Hi, Usually, it takes a while for me to digest information, because I have a lot of filters in my mind and to remember and understand things I have to put all the new information in context. I have to have an interpretation of the content. For this reasons I am doing terribly in my ODE course...
  17. C

    What kind of questions do you ask yourself when learning math and physics?

    During a lecture on a technical topic what kind of questions do you ask? I find that when I'm in class, i sit there not knowing what's going on. I think I'm not actively engaged because I'm not questioning. I know for the information to stick i need to ask questions to myself. What are some...
  18. H

    Learning math from a historical perspective?

    I am interested in learning math from a historical perspective. Starting with euclid and working myself up to descartes. I am thinking of a reading list to use and this is what I think I will use. I have taken math classes all the way up to calc 2 so I am not an expert and I am doing this just...
  19. B

    Is Khan Academy the Best Resource for Relearning Math from Scratch?

    So a few years after school, I managed to forget most of what I learned in math class. I'm planning on reteaching myself from elementary arithmetic to calculus. I'm requesting a sequence of books to get me there. Looking for something rigorous, that actually explains why algorithms work, etc...
  20. C

    Programs Are there distance learning math undergrad degrees?

    Are there any brick and mortar universities offering a bachelor's degree in math or statistics? I am interested in one with a decent program of study. Preferably the best one out there.
  21. F

    Learning Math through Independent study

    Is it possible? Most of the resources I find are geared toward college class situations. I do not want to learn how to learn with a lecturer. Is there anything online free that can teach and quiz without acting as a supplement for an expensive course or school setting?
  22. S

    Welcome Shawn! Learning Math & Physics for Meteorology

    Howdy all, My name is Shawn! I am the newbie (at the moment) on this forum and to Math and Physics. I am 24 years of age (25 in six days) and I live in southern Illinois, USA. My current employment is coal mining. I would like to learn math and physics. I own various Meteorology forums and for...
  23. S

    Learning Math Proofs in College for New Students

    Hi, I finished calculus 1 in college this past year, and I was reviewing it in the summer to make sure I understand it and have a solid foundation for when continue taking math classes this upcoming year. My math has always been lacking a little from my high school past where I never paid...
  24. T

    Ugh Challenge of learning math when it comes too easy.

    I'm having a problem. This problem happens to me everytime I do something that gets harder as I progress or something that takes a while to accomplish. So basically I'm reading a self-teaching (sort of) calculus book and trying to learn it. I also have a HUGE problem with math that is too easy...
  25. B

    Learning Math with Limited Visual Tools When Calculus is Required

    I'm currently taking calculus ("differential calculus of several variables") and I really dislike math (even though I used to like math), but it's required for my major (comp sci). My teacher can't draw and does not show us graphics of 3-D graphs and functions, so I have a hard time 'seeing'...
  26. F

    Learning Math Beyond a Calculus Textbook

    What is the best way to self teach yourself math beyond a calculus textbook?
  27. T

    Any good sites for learning math?

    I starting in actuarial mathematics in September, so I would like to get ahead a bit and do some learning on my own. These are my obligatory courses: So if anyone knows a good place where I could get ahead and start learning any of these topics, please go ahead and post it.