What is Pitot: Definition and 26 Discussions

Pitot is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Henri Pitot (1695–1771), French hydraulic engineer and the inventor of the Pitot tube
James Pitot (1784–1831), the second Mayor of New Orleans
François Pitot, Captain of the French frigate Vengeance during the Quasi-War

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  1. person123

    Bernoulli Principle For Pitot Tubes

    Here is the setup: Apply Bernoulli Principle to the top (free surface) of the two pitot tubes (1 for static and 2 for dynamic with the points colored in red): $$\frac{p_1}{\rho_w g}=h+\frac{p_2}{\rho_w g}$$ The difference in air pressure would give the following:$$p_1=p_2+h\rho_{air} g$$...
  2. Borek

    Minimum length of the Pitot tube?

    I have a thin tube (4 mm diameter) sticking out of a small box (a bit larger than a matchbox). I want to use this tube to measure the dynamic pressure. How long must the tube be for the results to be reasonably accurate? Intuition tells me the working end of the tube should be kept in the...
  3. A

    Pitot Tubes and Static Pressure

    Hey so I am learning physics on Khan academy and they had a video on Pitot tubes: https://www.khanacademy.org/science/physics/fluids/fluid-dynamics/v/venturi-effect-and-pitot-tubes I had a question. I understand that the lower part of the pitot tube in the video is measuring the pressure...
  4. D

    Askew Pitot tube, airplane velocity measurement

    Homework Statement A horizontal Pitot tube (with one end open for airflow and another closed) is accidentally installed into an airplane askew, so that the tube is not horizontal. Instead the closed tube end is higher (in the y-direction of a xy-plane) than the inlet end. How does this affect...
  5. O

    Why Does Bernoulli's Equation Apply to Wind Tunnels?

    I hope this question doesn't have too obvious of an answer. Basically, I still cannot grasp why Bernoulli's equation applies for wind tunnels and pitot-static probes. According to my textbook ("Introduction to Flight" by Anderson), Bernoulli's equation holds only when comparing two points...
  6. D

    Dynamic pressure and pitot tube

    Hello, Normally a pitot tube points in the direction of airflow so that it measures static and dynamic airflow. If it points in the opposite direction my assumption is that it will not measure the dynamic pressure but will only measure the static pressure. Is this correct?
  7. R

    What causes the liquid to rise in this picture?

    This is a diagram of a pitot-static tube. My question is however not related to its applications but rather, what causes the liquid to rise up the static tube? The static tube is at right angles to the fluid flow. I understand that this is a very basic question but I can't seem to get my head...
  8. B

    Building a Flow Bench - Testing Cylinder Heads with a Pitot Tube

    Hello everyone, I'm in the process of building a flow bench to test cylinder heads. What I'm after is to make a pitot tube to measure port velocity. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. S

    Difference between a subsonic Pitot tube and supersonic one

    Hi, Please could you explain the difference between a subsonic Pitot tube and supersonic one Thanks
  10. M

    Pitot Tube will not measure stagnation pressure

    I have made a pitot tube that I am using to measure the velocity of air in a pipe. First, I placed the probe into the pipe such that the hole in the probe was parallel to the flow to obtain static pressure. It did this successfully and I proved this using a piezometer. However, I then turned the...
  11. Y

    Bernoulli equation - pitot tubes

    Homework Statement Homework Equations P1+pV12/2+pgh1=P2+pV22/2+pgh2 The Attempt at a Solution My thinking: since the pitot tubes measure the stagnation pressure (static + dynamics pressure) and the height of the tubes are the same. By Bernoulli's equation, the total pressure along a...
  12. D

    Pitot Tube & DP Meter Selection for Small Scale Processes

    Hi there, I have been in contact with a manufacturer as I require both a pitot tube and a differential pressure transmitter for my process. Both will be used in a small scale process (around 10 l/min). I want to ask if it is possible that a flowrate can be too small to generate a large...
  13. N

    Thermofluids: Air Flow Measurement (Pitot & Venturi)

    Homework Statement I did an experiment to measure air flow using a pitot static tube and a venturi meter. First attempt: I connected both long and short manometers to the pitot static tube. Then I switch on the fan. The difference in manometer reading is 0.59kPa, which is the pressure. Then I...
  14. J

    Cheaper Pitot Tubes for Small Projects: Jack's Guide

    Hi, I have a small project where I run air from a blower into a hose with one elbow (or joint) in there. I am trying to calculate the static pressure and velocity pressure as well as the final pressure at the end of the circuit and would imagine I need to use a pitot tube to do this. My...
  15. P

    Mass flow rate using a pitot tube

    I am majorly stuck, we are doing a report in which we determine the flow rate using a venturi then compare values with the flow rate from a pitot tube. So basically we have recorded pressure values with a pitot tube, moving the tube 2mm from the centre of the venturi each time and re-recording...
  16. F

    Flow Measurement - Pitot Static Tubes Bernoulli's Equation etc.?

    A Pitot-static tube connected to water manometer is used to measure the velocity of air. If the deflection between the two arms of the manometer is 12.4cm, determine the air velocity when the density of air is 1.25kgm-3 and the density of the water in the manometer is 1000kg/m3. I am not...
  17. M

    [Basic Hydraulics] The Pitot Tube/Manometers

    Homework Statement Determine the flow rate, Q. Ignore energy losses. Given: D1 = 100 mm D2 = 75 mm Fluid in the pipe is water. Fluid in the metre is mercury. S.G. of Mercury is ~13.6. The difference in height of the mecury columns is 80mm. Diagram is below. Homework...
  18. L

    Bernoulli's pitot tube jet question

    Homework Statement The tip of the Pitot tube is at the top of the jet. Calculate the flowrate and the angle θ . Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Please see attached images. 1 is the question and 1 is my attempted solution. I think I perhaps have done the first part...
  19. K

    Pitot Tube Experiment: Measuring Pressure & Velocity

    Hi there I am new to this forum and after reading like 100s of forums I can't find a solution so here I am So recently I conducted an experiment to measure the pressure using pitot tube and use that to find the velocity profile which would be used to find mass flow rate. The whole experiment...
  20. S

    Bringing wind energy to the ground through a giant pitot tube

    Ok not a great title, but let me try to explain the idea. Imagine that you have say a parachute attached to the top of a flag pole. In the center of the parachute a hole is cut and connected to a plastic tube that goes to the ground. When the wind comes up the parachute exerts a drag on the...
  21. Y

    Fluid Mechanics: pitot static tube/manometer system

    Homework Statement A water-filled manometer is connected to a Pitot-static tube to measure a nominal airspeed of 50 ft/s. It is assumed that a change in the manometer reading of 0.002 in. can be detected. What is the minimum deviation from the 50 ft/s airspeed that can be detected by this...
  22. S

    Use of pitot static tube for calculation of airplane velocity

    Posted this in the coursework forum as well but it doesn't appear any aerospace engineer visits that one :-) I'm supposed to help someone with this for his essay but I don't completely understand it myself. I understand how a pitot tube measures the total pressure, and how a static pressure...
  23. Y

    How Accurate Is Using a DIY Pitot Tube to Measure Vacuum Pump Airflow?

    Dear all, I have a simple experiment to make a cheap pitot tube using 3" PVC pipe to measure vacuum pump air flow. But in the middle of my experiment I have difficulty to calculate air flow in the pipe, because I try to use bernouli equation for standard pitot tube and the result still not...
  24. S

    Selecting the Right Radius for Pitot Static Tube Measurement in Circular Tubes

    Hello, I would like to know how to select the radius of a pitot static tube to test the air flow in side a circular tube?? Thanks in advence.
  25. wolram

    Why do air craft still rely on archaic pitot tubes?

    If GPS is or can be so accurate why do air craft still rely on archaic pito tubes? sure keep one as a back up, but for your PRIMARY instrument no way.
  26. M

    Reverse Pitot Flow: Pressure Differential?

    "reverse pitot" if one reverses the direction of flow in a pitot measuring system (i.e the pitot tube doesn't face the flow), will there still be a difference in pressure between the pitot and static tube ?