What is Sat math: Definition and 31 Discussions

SAT Subject Tests were 20 multiple-choice standardized tests given by the College Board on individual subjects, typically taken to improve a student's credentials for college admissions in the United States. On January 19, 2021, the College Board discontinued Subject Tests. This was effective immediately in the United States, and the tests were to be phased out by the following summer for international students.

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  1. Kaushik

    Math: Work Scenarios - My Take on it

    My take on it: I used ##W = Rt## where ##W## is work done, ##R## is rate and t is the time taken let ##W = 1## and ##t## be the time taken by lambert. for Lambert: ##1 = R(t)## ##R = \frac{1}{t}## ... (1) for Stassen: ##1 = \frac{r}{(3t/2)}## ##r = \frac{2}{(3t)}##...(2) from (1) and (2), ## R'...
  2. bagasme

    Testing Quadratics as Important Chapter for SAT Math

    Hello, Recently I viewed a blog post about SAT Math preparation. It stated that quadratics is the chapter which is most asked in SAT, and if I don't master the chapter, I can't answer most SAT problems. IMO, this statement above implied that quadratics (quadratic equation) is the core chapter...
  3. YMMMA

    Preparing for the SAT Physics and Math Tests: Tips and Resources

    Hey guys, I am Yasmeen, a12th grader.I am taking my #SAT physics and maths1 test next month. Hope To find the help in here..
  4. M

    Understanding Percentages in Sales Commissions: Finding the Correct Calculation

    Homework Statement A salesperson's commission is k percent of the selling price of a car. Which of the following represents the commission, in dollars, on 2 cars that sold for 14,000 each?Homework Equations 28,000*k (I thought that this answer was corrects since a percent is always part of 1...
  5. B

    Testing Sat math, test-taking abilities, math ability

    sat math, "test-taking abilities," math ability hey all, are there good reasons for scoring low on the sat that do not stem from poor math ability? what do these 'test-taking abilities' consist of and how do they operate? i took a practice test today and i scored in the 580 range. now, i...
  6. S

    Testing Is the SAT Math an Accurate Predictor of Engineering and Physics Success?

    How do you guys think the SAT, manily the math section accurately judges ones ability? I have heard people say if you get below x, usually 600 to 700 you will never succeed in engineering or physics. I would think its more on how much you study and that the SAT is there more tovtrick you any...
  7. Arsenic&Lace

    Testing SAT math scores; low score indicative of natural ability?

    I've actually already completed my first year of college, with quite modest results. Something which has been causing me quite a bit of psychological bother though is whether or not my SAT math score is a reflection of some kind of natural ability or intelligence, rather than a reflection of...
  8. A

    Testing Boost Your SAT Math Score: Strategies for Improvement

    Hello everyone, I'm currently in high school and will be applying to universities this summer. I recently took my SATs and, although I did pretty well on the english sections (Writing=650 and Reading=600), I was extremely disappointed by my maths score (640). Now I'm not generally weak in maths...
  9. B

    Testing Foreign student needing some math exercises to know what the SAT looks like

    Can anyone help me out, I don't want study material, I just want some exercises that help me know what the SAT looks like
  10. U

    Practicing for SAT Math and had my first four part miserable failure sequence

    For these four practice problems, I had little idea what the hell to do (plugging in seemed worthless), could anyone help? Sorry if this isn't what the board is suppose to be used for. Answers in spoiler tags. If k and h are constants and x2+kx+7 is equivalent to (x+1)(x+h), what is the value...
  11. I

    Calculators SAT Reasoning Math with the TI-89

    Few questions... 1. I can't do inequalities with the regular TI-89...but the titanium can. Is it possible to transfer the titanium os to the 89? 2. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v407/ammad/sat1.jpg This is an SAT question. To answer this question I thought I could just solve the system...
  12. P

    Testing Tips for SAT Math level 1 and chemistry

    I'm taking the SAT II subject tests saturday and I know it's a bit late but I need to cram. I have done barron's for math and spark notes book for chemistry and I consistently get around 620's on both. I'd like to get above a 700 but I'm having trouble. 1. Are these all of the formulas I...
  13. I

    What is the Value of k in This SAT Math Problem?

    Homework Statement (n/(n-1)) x (1/n) x (n/(n+1)) = 5/k for positive integers n and k, what is the value of k> Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I multiplied the left side out to be (n/(n^2-1) and set it equal to 5/k I got stuck right there.
  14. I

    SAT Math: 5:2 Peanut-Cashew Mixture Question

    Homework Statement In a Mixture of peanuts and cashews, the ratio by weight of peanuts to cashews is 5 to 2. how many pounds of cashews will there be in 4 pounds of this mixture? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I used 5/2 as seven pounds in the original ratio...
  15. E

    Which Proportion is Not Equivalent in This SAT Math Problem?

    Homework Statement If a, b, c, and f are four nonzero numbers, then all of the following proportions are equivalent EXCEPT (A) (a / f) = (b / c) (B) (f / c) = (b / a) (C) (c / a) = (f / b) (D) (a / c) = (b / f) (E) (af / bc) = (1 / 1) Homework Equations None The Attempt at...
  16. D

    Testing Sat subject tests : Math,physics practice papers ?

    Hey fellas, I'm giving my SAT subject tests in Dec 2008, And I would like to know where I can give practice tests for : Math 1-2, Physics ? Please Help, as I intent to score 800 on all three of them. I presently use Princeton for both math, barrons for physics; but the practice tests are'nt...
  17. J

    Solve SAT Math Question: \frac{x}{t} with x and t Positive

    Homework Statement \sqrt{x^{2}-t^{2}}=2t-x If x and t are positive numbers that satisfy the equation above, what is the value of \frac{x}{t}? 2. The attempt at a solution x^{2}-t^{2}=4t^{2}-x^{2} x^{2}+x^{2}=4t^{2}+t^{2} 2x^{2}=5t^{2} I'm unsure of what to do next.
  18. S

    Hardest level SAT math problem

    Homework Statement A small company has some free movie tickets to distribute to its employees. If each employee gets 5 tickets, there will be 15 left over. If 5 employees will receive 7 tickets, and none will be left over. How many tickets does the company have? Homework Equations...
  19. R

    Linear function (difficult for me, SAT Math II level)

    If point P(m,2m) is 5 units from the line 12x+5y=1, m could equal a. 43/11 b.-3 c.-65/22 d.5 e.3 The answer is E. Explanation given in book: - distance = abs(12(m) + 5(2m) -1) / root(144+25) = 5. >>> m=3 or -32/11 I do not understand this explanation (of course finding m from...
  20. L

    Exploring Higher-Degree Polynomials: Questions and Concepts

    Here are some SAT II Math IIC Questions that I have. Fun! :biggrin: I'm in the chapter of "Higher-Degree Polynomials" right now and I have some questions concerning some facts: How do these work?: 1) "The Remainder Theorem- If a polynomial P(x) is divided by x-r (where r is any...
  21. L

    Best PreCal Text to Prep for SAT Subject Math IIC Test?

    What is the best precalculus textbook in your opinion that gives good examples and problems for you to practice on? Organization and the easy level of ability to comprehend would also be nice.
  22. L

    Testing Best PreCal Text to Prep for SAT Subject Math IIC Test?

    What's the best Precal textbook that would prepare me for the Math IIC? I'm looking for one that has lots of examples, can be understood easily, and includes a lot of practice problems for you to practice on. Thanks.
  23. M

    Understanding Proportions in Dye Mixtures

    To make an orange dye, 3 parts of red dye are mixed with 2 parts of yellow dye. To make a green dye, 2 parts of blue dye are mixed with 1 part of yellow dye. If equal amounts of green and orange are mixed, what is the proportion of yellow dye in the new mixture? This is not a homework...
  24. A

    Exploring Remainders in Division by 3 for Consecutive Positive Integers

    When you divide any positive integer by 3, the remainder must be less than or equal to 2. Does this hold true for all integers from 2-9?? I've tried it with 10 but it doesn't seem to work, nor 1 because anything divided by 1 is itself; 0 has the same issue. Please give your insight about...
  25. H

    Solve Sat Math: Find # Passengers on Bus Now

    At the first stop on its route, a bus picks up x passengers. At the second stop, y passengers get on the bus. At the third stop, 2/3 of the passengers exit the bus. At the fourth stop, 2 passengers get on the bus. How many passengers is the bus carrying right now? a) (3x+3y+4)/3 b) (2x-2y-4)/3...
  26. B

    Testing Improving Speed and Scores on SAT Math and Chemistry Tests

    I'm trying to practice doing the SAT math 2 this summer, and I realize that I just couldn't keep up with the pace of the test. I took the test once and I got a 670 with 10 questions that I didn't have a chance to finish. I also want to take the chemistry portion of the SAT, but I have never...
  27. S

    Testing Help With Math for SATs - Get Ready for the Fall!

    Okay, so I have... problems with math. As in, we repell. Big time. Right now I'm working towards my SATs, which I'm hoping to take this summer. I was wondering if anyone could give me the basics of what they'll test me on? I bought an SAT book, and I've been looking online, but I'm still fairly...
  28. Z

    SAT math: is this a valid question?

    The College Board's website contains a "SAT question of the day" feature. As I'm going to be taking my SAT I's (as well as three SAT II tests, lucky me) in the near future, I check it on a regular basis in conjunction with the rest of my studies. Today's question seems completely crazy...
  29. D

    MHB SAT Math: Greatest Possible Area of Triangle (7, 10)

    What is the greatest possible area of a triangle with one side of length 7 and the another side of length 10?Choices: A - 17 B - 34 C - 35 D - 70 E - 140 Answer is 35 but how? Thanks in advance
  30. E

    Testing MIT Admissions: Successful Applicants Without Perfect SAT Math Scores

    Mit? Does anyone know of someone that got accepted into MIT recently.. and didnt score 800 on their math portion of the SAT?
  31. U

    Maximizing Your Score on the SAT Math Section

    Hey...i'm about to take the PSATs in a week...any tricks w. the math aspect? I'm in calc...so i figure that'll help thx pat