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Homework Help: Best PreCal Text to Prep for SAT Subject Math IIC Test?

  1. Aug 4, 2007 #1
    What is the best precalculus text book in your opinion that gives good examples and problems for you to practice on? Organization and the easy level of ability to comprehend would also be nice.
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    What math will you be taking now? Will you have to start from scratch or just review? I went to sparknotes.com to review and look for tips on 3D geometry and sequences. Its pretty good for things on the test you may not have been exposed to in precalc class, but there probably arent enough examples to learn the basics
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    Try searching the forums; this topic has occurred before.
    My opinion, being an opinion, is to find a used copy of a Larson & Hostetler PreCalculus book with a solution manual. You will find some theoretical examples and some interesting applied examples. You may also like the treatment of conic section much better than what you find in many of the Intermediate Algebra books.
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    I just want to have a fast resource for reviewing. I've taken a Precalculus class before, this year actually. I would like to work some more problems though.
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