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  1. Danny Boy

    A Von Neumann Entropy of a joint state

    Definition 1 The von Neumann entropy of a density matrix is given by $$S(\rho) := - Tr[\rho ln \rho] = H[\lambda (\rho)] $$ where ##H[\lambda (\rho)]## is the Shannon entropy of the set of probabilities ##\lambda (\rho)## (which are eigenvalues of the density operator ##\rho##). Definition 2 If...
  2. D

    Shannon Entropy vs Entropy in chemistry

    I'm wondering about the exact usage of the term entropy in programming vs. entropy in science.
  3. blackdranzer

    A Entropy change : pure mixing of gases

    Consider three identical boxes of volume V. the first two boxes will contain particles of two different species 'N' and 'n'. The first box contains 'N' identical non interacting particles in a volume V. The second box contains 'n' non interacting particles. The third box is the result of mixing...
  4. V

    Help understanding Shannon entropy

    Hi I'm having some trouble understanding Shannon entropy and its relation to "computer" bits (zeros and ones). Shannon entropy of a random variable is (assume b=2 so that we work in bits) and everywhere I've read says it is "the number of bits on the average required to describe the random...