What is Sonoluminescence: Definition and 20 Discussions

Sonoluminescence is the emission of short bursts of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid when excited by sound.

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  1. Beekeeper

    I Why Isn't My Sonoluminescence Experiment Working?

    Hi, I am working on a sonoluminescence experiment and am having trouble with it. The problem is that although I can trap a bubble, I cannot get it to glow. I am following the same procedure described by 'The Thought Emporium' and you can see a video about it here: . In a nutshell the procedure...
  2. K

    I Numerical Solution to the Rayleigh Plesset Equation

    I have been trying to numerically solve the Rayleigh Plesset equation: $R\ddot{R} + \frac{3}{2}(\dot{R})^2=\frac{p_g-p_0-p(t)}{\rho_l}-4\mu\frac{\dot{R}}{R}-\frac{2\gamma}{\rho_lR}$ using the odeint python function. The code is given below: import numpy as np from matplotlib import pyplot as...
  3. S

    I Is Sonoluminescence Possible with Liquid Hydrogen?

    I did do some basic googling on this, but I came up empty-handed. Have there been any sonoluminescence studies done with liquid hydrogen? Thanks.
  4. klotza

    The Interaction of Sound and Light - Comments

    klotza submitted a new PF Insights post The Interaction of Sound and Light Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  5. I

    Sonoluminescence using microwaves?

    Would it be possible to produce the same effect using electromagnetic waves instead of sound waves?
  6. B

    Is Sonoluminescence Research Allowed on This Site?

    Not sure where to post this but is anyone else intrigued by sonoluminescence? I'm designing an experiment so if anyone wants me to harvest data for them I can integrate another measurement into the design. Let's start doing some research on this site!
  7. N

    Does the Water during sonoluminescence heat up?

    When sonoluminescence is happening in water, since the bubble is getting so hot, does the water heat up as well or stay at its normal temperature?
  8. N

    Why does my inductor coil have no effect on my circuit

    I have the circuit with a drawing below, to create sonoluminescence. One of the steps needed was an inductor coil in order to achieve electrical resonance within the circuit. The link provided here: http://www.macgeisler.de/nld/sbsl-howto.html told me to find the inductance needed through the...
  9. B

    Sonoluminescence-- why is this phenomenon so mysterious?

    I'm not sure which forum to post this under... Anyhow all scientists I've talked to have agreed that sonoluminescence is not completely understood by the scientific community. I'm curious as to which parts of the phenomenon remain a mystery. To me it seems like a reasonable process if you...
  10. N

    Sonoluminescence works as an LED possibly?

    I am a senior in high school researching sonoluminesce. Me and my teacher were hypothesizing the mechanism that could cause it and discussed the possibility of the bubble and water system having LED-type qualities, as an LED is light emitted by electrons falling into holes when excited by...
  11. R

    Researching Sonoluminescence: Emailing an Expert

    ... the subject by email? I'm currently researching sonoluminescence and I'm stuck on one particular thing, would it be ok to search the internet for someone researching in the field and email them?
  12. N

    What equipment do I need to set up a sonoluminescence experiment?

    I am working on a high school science fair project and I wanted to study sonoluminescence. I am having trouble with the setup and I am not sure what kind of stuff I need. I've been referring to websites and papers such as: http://dave.ucsc.edu/physics195/thesis_2010/mccluney_thesis.pdf...
  13. A

    Sonoluminescence Help: Questions on Resistor Wattage, Coil Winding & Audio Amp

    Sonoluminescence Help! Hello everyone! Working on my sonoluminescence project in the University of Washington, I encountered some (frustrating) issues. I have little/no electronic experience so please bear with me. Any help is appreciated. First, looking at the images below, can anyone...
  14. A

    The Rayleigh-Plesset Equation for Sonoluminescence

    I'm investigating the phenomenon of sonoluminescence. A quick search has yielded the Rayleigh-Plesset equation as being of use. \frac{P_B(t)-P_\infty(t)}{\rho_L}=R\frac{d^2R}{dt^2}+\frac{3}{2}\left( \frac{dR}{dt}\right)^2+\frac{4\nu_L}{R}\frac{dR}{dt}+\frac{2S}{\rho_LR} A brief look on the...
  15. F

    How can I graph this equation (Rayleigh Plesset for sonoluminescence)?

    The following is the Rayleigh Plesset equation, modified so as to be specific to the phenomenon of sonoluminescence. R\ddot{R} + 3/2(\dot{R}^2 = (1/ρ) (p_{g} - P_{0} -P(t) - 4η (\dot{R}/R) - (2γ/R)) I'm trying to graph this for comparison of maxima and minima (of R) with another graph. If...
  16. G

    How bright can sonoluminescence be?

    I'm interested in building a sort-of sonoluminescence "light bulb" for fun. Something that could be turned on or off with the flick of a switch. Obviously, the brighter the light emitted, the better. Here are my questions: Will single bubble or multi bubble sonoluminescence produce more...
  17. L

    Sonoluminescence experiment help

    I am trying to do a sonoluminescence experiment. The instructions are from this site: http://www.techmind.org/sl/. I have everything set up today, but I think my way of making the bubble is wrong. From the description of the site, it seems like when you make the bubble it should easily go to...
  18. S

    What Causes Sonoluminescence and Acoustic Levitation?

    I can't find it anywere, why does the bubble collapse? And could someone clarify acoustic levitation.
  19. L

    Is Sonoluminescence Capable of Initiating Nuclear Fusion?

    can anyone explain what sonoluminescence is I am reading this article and i don't understand what there talking about
  20. Whitestar

    Sonoluminescence - The Key To Faster Than Light Travel?

    A few years ago I was in contact with a physicist by the name of Ray Fleming. He had a theory regarding sonoluminescence being the key to faster than light travel. Here is a direct quote from him on the possibility of a ship traveling faster than light with sonoluminescence: "In order to...