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Very interesting! I had no idea about most of those interactions between light and sound!
Nice Insight Alex!

Andy Resnick

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A minor point: in acousto-optic modulators/scanners/deflectors, TeO2 is more commonly used rather than quartz. Some good references for this (highly complex) subject are Korpel "Acousto-Optics" , Goutzoulis "Design and Fabrication of Acousto-Optic Devices" and a fine chapter in Saleh and Teich "Fundamentals of Photonics".
A photon out cruising at night,
saw a phonon just off to his right.
Said the P to the P,
is it better to be,
a sound instead of a light.
That was a fun insight. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

Is it true that the physics of sonoluminescence is not fully understood yet?

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