What is Summer internships: Definition and 15 Discussions

Summer Discovery, officially known as Musiker Discovery Programs is an American company that runs pre-college enrichment and middle school enrichment programs worldwide. The company is headquartered in Roslyn, New York.

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  1. A

    Admissions Has anyone received an offer from the 2021 AFRL Scholars Program?

    I am a junior physics major, and I have applied to many summer programs this year. One of which is the AFRL Scholars program. I applied to Kirtland and Elgin. They said that offers will be extended through mid February to mid March. Did anyone apply to this program? If so, has anyone received...
  2. R

    Job Skills How do I make myself more employable?

    Hey, Lately I've been reading a lot about how to get employed with a STEM degree and I see two opposite things. 1. People with science/engineering degree are highly employable. 2. Lots of STEM graduates with either a bachelor degree or PhD struggling to find a job. I am going to start my...
  3. L

    Programs 2018 REU and Summer Program Acceptance Thread

    It is that time of year again. Here's a space to check on acceptances for REU programs or other summer jobs. SULI and SURF come to mind. I imagine most of them will start coming by the end of the month. What are you waiting on? What are you excited for? What do you wish you had applied for? What...
  4. LeftMyHeartInErebor

    Other Find Physics Internships: Tips & Advice for Success

    I'm trying to think ahead and start looking for summer internships, I'll be done with my sophomore year of physics by then. I know there are a lot out there, I know of a few, have stumbled on a few, how do I find more? I know that getting as much experience as possible is necessary for my...
  5. mrnike992

    What companies hire freshman for summer internships?

    I'm looking to get an internship over the summer, and I know that most companies don't consider freshman but I was wondering which ones were known to. I'm a declared nuclear engineering & physics double major but I'm open to almost any field, as I'd be open to changing majors if I enjoyed the...
  6. Dayman

    Summer Internships (international)

    I'm a Junior International Student studying Physics and Econ at the University of Texas at Austin, just wondering if anyone here got into CERN, Fermi Lab or the UCLA internship(or other physics internship open to internationals!), what was your resume/gpa/credentials like when you applied? Just...
  7. S

    Engineering Where Can a Green Card Holder Find Aerospace Engineering Internships in Michigan?

    Hi people of this forum, I have a serious issue at hand right now. I am currently a 3rd year Bachelor student of the Aerospace Engineering at SRM Universty, India. I will be entering my Master's in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Dayton in the fall of 2016 under a Dual-Degree program...
  8. C

    How often are summer internships awarded to pre-meds?

    Suppose for a moment that, in an attempt to remain competitive for med school, some physics major goes about asking for a summer internship at his/her undergrad. (Said physics major declared that major because the student wanted to do what s/he loved) How often are summer research internships...
  9. Dishsoap

    2015 Summer Internships Thread

    I posted one of these threads for the 2014 summer internships. Please post what you apply for and don't forget to update it when you've heard back! REU at CERN (I figure my chances of getting in are even lower if I don't apply!) University of Michigan REU University of Colorado - Boulder REU...
  10. D

    Summer Internships Europe 2015

    I am currently an undergraduate at a small physics school in Texas. I'm a freshman, but I'll be graduating in ~2.5-3 years (lots of ap credits/local uni). My parents are in the process of moving to Europe(Italy), and I really would like to find something physics related I could do for the...
  11. S

    Astrophysics Summer Internships for International Students

    Hi Guys, I'm an international student at Columbia University getting my undergraduate degree in Astrophysics. I'm planning to do summer research, and I'm thinking of schools outside of Columbia University. This has been difficult as most REUs stipulate US citizenship or Permanent Residence...
  12. W

    Admissions Questions about applying to chem REU summer internships?

    I have a few questions about applying to REU programs. I've heard that some schools are a lot more selective than others...but how would you know which ones are the hardest/easiest to get into? I mean...I want to apply a some safeties (even getting into these will probably be difficult for me)...
  13. P

    Summer Internships for Physics | UK & Europe

    Hello, I am looking for summer internships at the moment in the UK or Europe in Physics. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for placements? So far I have applied for the CERN summer internship program, and enquired at GCHQ. Many thanks, Pete
  14. J

    Summer Internships for Math/Physics Double Major

    Are there any summer internships available this late in the year for summer 2008?I am a math/ physics double major in sophomore year.
  15. D

    WELL-PAYING physics summer internships?

    hey all, I'm writing to see if anybody knows of any lucrative summer internships in physics. i'd say I'm a pretty employable and interviewable guy, and I'm looking to score a well-paying internship while I've still got the grades. right now I'm a sophomore double-major in physics and math at...