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Questions about applying to chem REU summer internships?

  1. Jan 2, 2012 #1
    I have a few questions about applying to REU programs. I've heard that some schools are a lot more selective than others...but how would you know which ones are the hardest/easiest to get into? I mean...I want to apply a some safeties (even getting into these will probably be difficult for me) but also some reach schools...

    Also how important is it that I email the professors at the REU sites before applying?
    Is it bad to just apply without having contacted the professors you want to work with?

    Also my summer as a rising sophomore, I spent working at a hospital because I was (past tense) premed...so I only have one summer of research (back at my own college) under my belt :(
    I'm going to be a rising senior this coming summer. and i decided on being a chem major very late (didnt take any chem courses till sophomore year)...so I only have gen chem, a year of orgo, and a semester of pchem. (two more chem classes next semester)
    very average grades. so I'm kind of scared. I really want to go to grad school and I'm afraid that I'll be rejected by every research place I apply to and end up jobless..which would look horrible :(
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