What is Text books: Definition and 29 Discussions

A textbook is a book containing a comprehensive compilation of content in a branch of study with the intention of explaining it. Textbook are produced to meet the needs of educators, usually at educational institutions. Schoolbooks are textbooks and other books used in schools. Today, many textbooks are published in both print and digital formats.

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  1. tas_dogu

    Quantum Math Textbooks to Read Before Starting QFT

    So, I am a 4th year physics student (undergrad), and I will do my master, then hopefully my PhD on theoretical physics. In my university, we take 1 year QM/Classical Electrodynamics/Classical Mechanics in terms of physics then the second year we pick the classes we want to take, I will take QFT...
  2. Passers_by

    Classical The first book of E&M is for self-study

    Can Classical Electromagnetism by Jerrold Franklin replace Griffith's for self-study? The book is now in its second edition.
  3. J

    Classical Analyze Dampened Oscillations in Fluids: Math & Physics

    I am a layman with very little experience in math and physics and recently I became curious about how to analyze dampened oscillations occurring in fluid mediums, such as those following a disturbance in a pool of water. What sort of math and physics is required to understand this phenomenon and...
  4. F

    Classical How many of a chapter's problems do I do before moving to the next chapter?

    A freshman here, Hi. I am taking the following courses this year: E&M, Mechanics, Calc., Statistics and Chemistry. i use Halliday-Resnick volume 2 for E&m, vol.1 for mechanics while i use Serway-Jewett as reference. for stats its Anthony Hayter and Ebbing-GAmmon for Chem my problem is this...
  5. E

    Intro Physics Level of Math Required for Young’s University Physics

    I am a high school student who is planning to start Young and Freedman’s University Physics out of personal interest. However, I am not sure what level of math is required for the book. I haven’t learned Calculus yet, so I’m planning to study Strang’s Calculus alongside Young’s University...
  6. Cantor080

    Calculus Which self-contained calculus book explains the math in order....

    Which calculus book self contains experiences in order, and is stable to the max, for all the problems known in the subject? --------------------------------------------------------- I have got confused now. Math history seems to allow knowing all the data on how math formed, for any of a...
  7. E

    MHB Must Have Math Books(That aren't "Text Books")

    I was thinking about adding to my collection of math literature and I was wondering what you all consider must have reading material. I just recently got Math It's Contents, Methods, and Meaning and the Princeton Companion to Mathematics. I was thinking things at that level of must have (I might...
  8. Dr Transport

    Classical Long lead time in getting text books

    Finally, got my new copy of Jackson's Classical Electrodynamics 3rd Ed. Took almost 40 days to come in from Amazon...Classmate said his copy won't be in until December. Is this becoming a trend??
  9. Navajadeoccam

    Physics Textbook Discussions: Join the Conversation!

    My name is Daniel and I live in Uruguay. I teach physics in secundary school, but I have never stopped reading physics' textbooks since I graduate in university. My first goal to join PF is to discuss about textbooks. See you soon!
  10. K

    Other Master Mathematics: Suggest Books to Read in Order for Profundity

    Suggest good books to read in an order for one to gain profundity in the particular subject. This may seem to be a rather baffling task, due to the amount of subjects and it's vastness, but if it is done, it could certainly be extremely useful, especially for people like me who are highly...
  11. ognik

    Other Good pre-honours 'revise all physics' type book(s)

    Hi - I'm doing an honors degree in physics by distance learning, having received my B.Sc around 20 years ago. I find there is a lot that is presented quite differently, and also stuff that I don't remember well enough - or not at all. So I'm looking for the fewest books that I can use to...
  12. S

    Prerequisites for Quantum Field Theory (QFT)

    Hi! I'm desperately trying to develop a list of prerequisites that will enable me to work on topics like quantum gravity, advanced QFT (on curved spacetime etc.) etc. I am currently in the second year of an undergrad theoretical physics degree in the UK, and am heavily unsatisfied with the way...
  13. H

    Purchase cheap and used text books

    Hi guys, I'm still somewhat new to the forum. Been learning quite a bit here. This coming semester I'll be going back to school. I'll be doing Electrical Engineering. I was wondering if anybody knew of any online bookstores preferably European (due to shipping) where I can purchase cheap...
  14. Hunus

    Which text books would you recommend?

    For any mathematician or physicist, what textbooks do you consider a must read? Also, what books do you remember reading that gave you great insight into a topic which you previously did not have?
  15. S

    Need help, my text books explanation on de broglies hypothesis is very confusing

    we have just started to learn a new chapter in my physics class about de broglies hypothesis. In my textbook it shows a diagram of a line of electrons being fired at a constant speed, hitting a sheet of thin metal foil and then diffracting. The explanation in my book says ' A narrow beam of...
  16. L

    Learning Calculus from text books

    Hey there people, I've got a fascination with the sciences, especially Physics. In a year or two I'll have the time to possibly study it at Uni. Most likely entering as a mature student. Anyways, I plan on using this time up until then on getting my Maths up to scratch. The last time i...
  17. Q

    Studying Why university examination papers easier than problems in text books?

    Well I have been reading and solving problems in physics for scientists and engineers (R.A Serway).But my examination problems are way easier than problems in the textbooks.I always expect to have challenging problems in exams like in textbooks.Why they don't make some hard problems at least one...
  18. L

    Any good CHEAP quantum physics text books?

    I'm just looking for an affordable quantum physics textbook, I am not quite a beginner at this, maybe intermediate if you call it.
  19. G

    Does anyone have experience with international edition text books?

    I was thinking about buying some text for my own enlightenment but I cannot afford even most of the used text. However, I have been seeing plenty of international editions really cheap. What I want to know is has anyone had good experiences with international editions? i.e. they aren't lacking...
  20. G

    Best Written High School Physics Text Books (SAT)

    Advanced Physics (Advanced Science) by Steve Adams & Jonathan Allday from OUP Oxford: and Physics (Collins Advanced Science) 3rd Edition by Kenneth Dobson from Collins Educational: http://www.amazon.com/dp/0007267495/?tag=pfamazon01-20 Does anyone know any of these books? I find them very...
  21. B

    What are the best undergraduate optics textbooks?

    I am woundering about good undergrade textbooks. I have no clue where to start. Can anybody inform me on prefured authers for eather undergrade or grade level optics books?
  22. A

    Exploring Condensed Matter Physics: A Comparative Look at Popular Textbooks

    I wish to self study condensed matter physics. I believe the Kittel and Arschcroft&Mermin are the most popular textbooks. I have read that Kittel is not very clear, however it his half the price of A&M on amazon. Also, my background in Quantum Mechanics comes entirely from Griffiths' intro, and...
  23. H

    Nature of photons presented in high school text books

    Why did textbooks (when I was in high school 5 1/2 years ago) always associate photons with the visible light part of the EM spectrum. Wouldn't the radio, x-ray, gamma, etc. areas of the spectrum exist as photons too? What about the transverse waves; would it not form a helix shape instead of...
  24. D

    Text books for self study

    Hello, I will be a junior next school year, going into the honors level precalculus courses available at my school. Both precalc functions and precalc trig are required to get into ap calc. There is only one honors level precalc teacher who is a very tough grader and is known for having...
  25. Cyrus

    Why do people write new text books?

    A lot of people seem to write textbooks on engineering. But my question is...why bother?. I am willing to bet you $20 bucks that if you go to a section on say, 'thermodynamics' and take 5 books at random written at the same level, you are going to find nearly identical content in all of...
  26. G

    Math Textbooks: Error-Filled & Irritating?

    How is it possible that maths textbooks by reputable authors in their 2nd, 3rd, or even later publication can still be littered with errors in the answers...Isn't there supposed to be some form of proofing mechanism such that the *overwhelming* majority of errors get weeded out? :confused: (I...
  27. C

    What is a damping. Text books say damping is proportional to velocity.

    What is a damping. Text books say damping is proportional to velocity. Why not damping is proportional force? or why not damping proportional to some other parameter. What does damping actually do ? Is there any practical application ?
  28. D

    What Are Good Physics Textbooks with Problems and Solutions Included?

    Anyone know any decent classical mechanics and/or thermo/statistical mechanics books that have many problems along with solutions? I hate that the books I do have, which have no solutions particlely (just talking about the stat of solutions and not the hateing of text here). It's not...