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  1. Athenian

    I Energy of Conduction and Valence Band in Opposing Directions

    Recently, I have been studying some solid-state physics and I came across this ##E-k## diagram online. Here's an image for reference to what I am referring to...
  2. N

    I Valence band and Fermi level difference?

    I was wondering what the difference was between the valence band and fermi level? How do we distinguish between the two? Thanks in advance.
  3. A

    Is it possible to shift the fermi level?

    I know we can shift the fermi level by doping the material with other elements. In case of semiconductors doping with the pentavalent or trivalent will change the fermi level. But my question is ''can we shift the fermi level, without altering the position of valence band and conduction band?"...