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Building blocks of the conduction and valence band

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    Hi folks,

    I am new to PF. First I have to apologize for the following english -- it is not my native language.

    I have problems in understanding the formation of the conduction and valence bands of solids:
    For example in III-V compound semiconductors both constituents are sp3 hybridized. If one builds the solid piece by piece the single energetic levels split resulting in bands. My question is, why one says that the conduction band is (most) s-orbit type of the group III element and the valance band p-orbit type of the group V element, like the constituents were not hybridized.
    Maybe there is a book or paper covering this topic?

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    sounds like a very good question to me. I would like to read more about that. any links?
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    s orbit=conduction band and p orbit=valence band I could accept but why 'of group III' and 'of the group V'? doesnt make sense to me.
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