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A welcome is a kind of greeting designed to introduce a person to a new place or situation, and to make them feel at ease. The term can similarly be used to describe the feeling of being accepted on the part of the new person.
In some contexts, a welcome is extended to a stranger to an area or a household. "The concept of welcoming the stranger means intentionally building into the interaction those factors that make others feel that they belong, that they matter, and that you want to get to know them". It is also noted, however, that "n many community settings, being welcoming is viewed as in conflict with ensuring safety. Thus, welcoming becomes somewhat self-limited: 'We will be welcoming unless you do something unsafe'". Different cultures have their own traditional forms of welcome, and a variety of different practices can go into an effort to welcome:

Making a welcome is not a physical fabrication, though welcome may be embodied and fostered by appropriate physical arrangements. There can be an aesthetics of welcome. What is there when one makes a welcome? No thing really, and yet more than any thing. When one makes a welcome one creates the conditions that promise of home. One makes it possible for the other not any longer to feel outside or out of it, but to feel at home.
Indications that visitors are welcome can occur at different levels. For example, a welcome sign, at the national, state, or municipal level, is a road sign at the border of a region that introduces or welcomes visitors to the region. A welcome sign might also be present for a specific community, or an individual building. One architect suggests that "[a] primary distinction between a gateway and a Welcome sign is that the gateway is usually designed and built by an outsider, a developer or architect, while the Welcome sign has been designed and built by an inside member of the community". A welcome mat is a doormat that welcomes visitors to a house or other building by providing them with a place to wipe their feet before entering.
Another community tradition, the welcome wagon, a phrase that originally referred to an actual wagon containing a collection of useful gifts collected from residents of an area to welcome new people moving to that area.

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  1. A

    Introducing a New Scientist to the PF Community: A Warm Welcome!

    Hello everyone I'm new on this forum
  2. T

    Ideas welcome on how to attach 2 shafts of different diameters

    I have a motor and a 3 phase generator which I would like to connect together, i.e. let the motor drive the generator and measure it's output. Each have their own type of shaft which do not fit together. I would therefore like to get some proposals, preferably which do not require custom work at...
  3. C

    AI Computation (self study analysis, pointers welcome)

    In this thread I attempt to find a closed form solution to the gradient descent problem for a single sigmoid neuron using basic calculus. If you would like to give pointers feel free, if you see me make a mistake please let me know! Thank you!
  4. Nicole4Jesus

    How does geology shape our understanding of the world?

    My second introductory post because we are always learning, right? I am 35 years old with an Associates degrees in: History, Arts & Humanities. I study people and our interactions across the ages and in the present. One of my scientific passions is Geology and Geophysics. Plate tectonics...
  5. trryan5

    What are some helpful online resources for teaching high school physics?

    Hello, I'm a high school physics teacher and also working on a PhD in science curriculum and instruction. I've been teaching regular and honors physics for a couple of years and probably will add an A.P. Physics 1 section next year (depending on the school's scheduling priorities). I came...
  6. Field physics

    Welcome! Investing, Athletics & Physics: Exploring New Fields

    Hi I am new to the forum. I am a investor, athlete, and a "field physicist." I got a bachelors in physics and Hopefully soon can get a phD. I like to do basic experiments that demonstrates physics.
  7. sysprog

    Windows, Unix and Macs Oh My (All OSes are Welcome)

    Computation history is cluttered with variants, by-roads, successes and failures. I really like UNIX/C as an engineer and scientist but mainly use Windows for home computing. ##-## @Klystron
  8. Kstarlove1728

    Does anyone know what these rocks are? Please any info welcome

    I am so curious as to what I actually have found any input welcome please and thank you
  9. X

    Welcome to the Verizon Media Privacy Policy

    I believe the users of good old yahoo web mail might guess what this topic is about just by reading the title. I always liked yahoo because it's the only one site I know of that doesn't ask for domain on login. I've had an email address there for quite a long time, but it has become increasingly...
  10. T

    Welcome to My First Post: A Beginner's Guide

    This is my first time idk if i posted in the correct sub
  11. M

    What inspired an engineering graduate to pursue a career in theoretical physics?

    Hey there! This is Mayank Bhandare, from India. I am a recent graduate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Mumbai. Though it's a strange switch as many would say, I am planning to pursue a career as a Theoretical Physicist/Cosmologist. I have a couple of entrances the next month...
  12. zenonparadox

    What are the Challenges of Studying Abroad as an Undergraduate Student?

    Well we have here a another undergraduate student from Spain (Catalunya) with a lot of questions and any answer in physics. I'm in my 3d year and the next year will be probably studying in Oldenburg (Germany) thanks to the Erasmus Program (any suggestion would be welcome) . I have a lot of...
  13. jtbell

    Exploring South Carolina: A UFO Welcome Center

    South Carolina is ready for the arrival of extraterrestrial visitors. On my way to Charleston yesterday, I visited the UFO Welcome Center in Bowman: Nobody was around. Maybe the caretaker was out for lunch? I didn't try to go inside because I might have fallen into a black hole or...
  14. J

    Exploring the Mysteries of Holographic Duality and String Theory

    Hello, I had recently created an account. I'm Justin and perhaps am a physics student studying holographic duality and string theory, hopefully my colleagues were right in having me be forming an account in regards to this website. Anyways, pretty much it.
  15. S

    Schools Welcome to Physics Forums: Shane's Journey to Engineering

    Hey everyone, new to Physics Forums and happy I've found it. To start, my name is Shane, I currently work for Applied Materials. We engineer, maintain, and support tools in the semiconductor industry. I'm 21 years old, and currently on the Global team. Meaning, I travel 90% of the time...
  16. mcknia07

    Welcome Back! Catch Up on What You Missed :)

    Well, it's been a while and yes I've missed everyone! Got super busy with life and finally able to slow down a little and try to catch up. What all have I missed... Give me the scoop :cool: I hope to be able to stay up to date on and keep active on here.
  17. Philip Robotic

    B Welcome to Physics Forums: Exploring Orbital Mechanics & Gravity

    Hi everyone! I'm really sorry if I'm using the wrong forum. It's my first time at PF. I'm pretty new to physics, as I began studying it just two years ago, but I'm really interested in the subject of astrophysics so I bought myself and started reading 'Introduction to rocket science and...
  18. AnTiFreeze3

    Welcome Back: Reuniting with the PF Community and Renewing Discussions

    It's been a while, hasn't it. Life rolls about, priorities alter, sometimes I feel as though I'm accomplishing something aside from absolute decadence, and as a byproduct of all this, I stray from some truly formative sources like PF. I miss a lot of you, and what I remember this forum as --...
  19. KeshavTheBest

    Courses Welcome! Seeking Advice to Become a Tech Inventor

    Hello , I'm new to this forums so I wasn't sure where to post this , if I have posted in the wrong board please move it to the right section. I always wanted to become to invent tech. I'm amazed by today's gadgets and I love physics. When I was 14 , I told everyone that I will become a tech...
  20. Si1entShad0w

    What are the benefits of joining a physics community forum?

    Hello! This forum has helped me solve some tough physics questions already, but I decided to join because I need more help than I've anticipated. Glad to be a part of this community (for the time being and for any future physics classes that I am required to take).
  21. trigger701

    Unlocking the Mysteries of the Carnot Cycle: A Journey into Thermodynamics

    Hi everyone, I joined up today because I was scratching my head for ages about the Carnot cycle. My question was answered in 20 minutes - how great! I'm currently studying to start a PhD in biochem later this year. It means quitting my job and leaving my home behind so I am looking to suck...
  22. M

    What are the best resources for learning physics as a geography graduate?

    I am Mansoor Mirani from Pakistan. I am in graduate in Geography from University of Sindh, Jamshoro. Physics is one of my favourite subject but unfortunately I have not been able to learn it the way I wanted to do it. It think this is the best platform I find for the discussions in Physics and...
  23. J

    What sparked your curiosity about the natural world and space?

    My father was an exploration geologist in Australia mainly, in his early career dad geologically mapped large areas of Australia, South Australia mostly, during the 50s and 60s, and his maps were used by the Dept of Mines. My childhood memories are filled with images of topographic maps on the...
  24. TheNoobie001

    No specific questions here, *All* opinions welcome

    Hello everyone, my name is Evan operating under 'thenoobie001'.[this is also my xbox gamertag if there are any CoD fans out there :)]. I have recently joined this site and I anticipate that I will be doing a lot of forum searching and reading here at the beginning of my membership since my...
  25. J

    What to Expect When Starting a BSc Hons Degree in Maths and Physics?

    Hello there, I am new to this forum, loving what I've seen so far, everyone seems very helpful. Just thought I would say hello to everyone. Thanks, John
  26. N

    B Is it possible to keep a rip in space open? All info welcome

    This is not meant to be a joke and if you think so go to the next thread. I need to know if there is any way to keep a rip in space open. I will define two different types of tear. The first is a tear but all that can be seen is a dark matter(no pun intended): this is the one I do not need...
  27. J

    What are the benefits of refreshing math knowledge as an adult?

    I am 30 years old and I thought to refresh my math knowledge. I am glad to be part of this forum, seems very active! Regards
  28. V

    Hello, new member from São Paulo, Brazil

    Hello people, how are you? I am a 20 years old student from Brazil. I study Electrical Engineering at USP - Universidade de São Paulo(São Paulo University). My favorite scientific topics are Mathematics(Polemic: is Math a science?), Electrical Circuits and Physics, and not some that are not...
  29. EternusVia

    Welcome to Graduate School Research in Mathematics

    Hi everyone, I'm currently researching graduate schools in mathematics. I would like to go for a PhD. My question is, do I apply directly to the PhD program? Or do I apply to the Master's program and apply for the PhD afterwards? What do people normally do?
  30. StevieTNZ

    News Welcome the Royal Baby: Kate and William's First Glimpse

    http://www.stuff.co.nz/life-style/parenting/68221125/royal-baby-the-first-glimpse-of-kate-and-prince-williams-baby http://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/prime-minister-welcomes-royal-baby-0
  31. art sanchez

    Exploring the Intersection of Physics and Music: A Scientist's Journey

    Welcome. I spent a lot of time on PF last semester when Googling for similar problems to homework I had trouble with. This site helped me a lot back then. Now, I'm finally registering (I don't know why it took me this long.) I am a BS Physics major. I hope to learn a lot here. Thanks for being...
  32. E

    What is the Purpose of a Hello Thread in Scientific Communities?

    This is my "Hello Thread". Hi scientists, I hope we could work and help us each other. Happy new year! See you soon...
  33. A

    Need some help deciding Final Year Project Ideas welcome

    Hi I'm about to start my 3rd year in my Engineering university and would like some ideas for my Final Year project... We have 2 options. We can either make a model/prototype of something and present it OR we can do a research on a particular field. I'm leaning more towards the research side...
  34. Y

    Welcome Rob! Building Your Loading Ramp

    Hi there I am new to this site but I have been reading on it for a while. I have a question, I am building a loading ramp for my box truck to load my lawn mower in. it will be about 12 feet long and 6 feet wide I was wandering what size steel box tubing would be best used for this the...
  35. R

    Exploring Political Science Minor: Advice Welcome!

    Howdy y'all, I posted a ways back about an interest in science policy, concerning internships. Now I'm more or less asking about possible classes to take. I am in the process of a political science minor and I need a few classes to take and I'd prefer them to be useful or interesting. If...
  36. S

    Welcome to PF! Improving Math/Physics Together

    HI! i am new to this PF, discovered this site few days ago. After seeing the brilliant people here i decided to join. I know very little math/physics(i'm 16) so i thought that if i am in good company at least i'd improve with time.(i hope)
  37. E

    Welcome to the Moment Calculation Discussion Forum

    Hi, I was thinking of something: How are one supposed to calculate the moment needed for a scoop to scoop up a sample of e.g. sand? Does the classical p=mv work? Any ideas or comments?
  38. S

    Welcome! Exploring Science with Friends

    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I came here because I was told by a friend that the forums are great for getting help on classwork/homework. Aside from that, I came here to learn more about science. I always thought that science was about experiments and wearing white lab coats and growing long...
  39. D

    Welcome to the P-n Junction Inquiry

    Hello. I have a question regarding the p-n junction. When I look at figure B here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P-n_junction it looks completely wrong to me. Take the E-field. It is going to be positive outside the depletion region, which in turn will make the voltage tend towards zero...
  40. S

    Welcome! Introducing Myself in the Forum

    Well although the thread topic speaks for itself I want to introduce myself here. I created an account in this forum a while ago and I've been checking it a bit So yes! I want to participate but I know no one, I tried to find the topical section in which newbies introduce themselves but I...
  41. DennisN

    History History of science, feedback welcome

    Hi PF members! I've recently been working on an image (see attached thumbnail) in which I try to include the most important/influential steps in the history of science. Now, I am very well aware that this is not easy (!) :smile:, and it will always be debatable and not without controversy...
  42. S

    Computing Neutron Source Strength - Your Advice Welcome

    Greetings to all, I know activity for a Am-Be neutron source. I want to compute strenght source in neutrons/s. Yours advices are welcome. Thank you!
  43. Albert1

    MHB Welcome to the Math Challenge Board

    HI : good to see you everybody ,I am a new comer on this board Being a math teacher ,I always trained my students with various difficult problems from now on I am going to post a sequential challenging questions for people to share most of them I know the answer and the solution of it , maybe...
  44. V

    Welcome! Third Year Physics Student Here.

    Hello! I'm a third year student studying physics. My spring semester has begun and I believe I'll be frequenting this site more often. I suspect the classes that'll give me the most trouble are quantum, EM and solid state. I hope this can be the place to get assistance along with helping...
  45. Spinnor

    Criticism of small bridge design welcome.

    Criticism of small "bridge" design welcome. I live near a park that has two large hiking areas divided by a stream. If those areas were linked by a bridge the number of possible hikes that could be taken would be increased. The stream at one "crossing" is about 30 feet wide and normally has a...
  46. D

    Schools Physics or Computer Science? Starting college late and I welcome your opinions

    Hi all! BLUF: I'm starting school rather late (I'm 25) and I'm very interested in Physics and Computer Science. Logically, CS seems like a better fit for me due to my hobbies, but my heart is set on Physics. BACKGROUND: I'm just now starting school at 25 after being in the Air Force for...
  47. E

    Welcome Physics Lovers! Ask Your Questions About Electron Spin

    Hello Physics Lovers, I was working and suddenly got this question. What external forces have effects on electron spin, like slowing down/speeding up? Is that a possible thing in the first place?
  48. Square1

    How man of you preread for a math class? All members welcome, mods,

    How man of you preread for a math class? All members welcome, mods, homework helpers etc... Talking specifically about math classes. What if an instructor doesn't give the sections to read. When I do preread, it helps a lot to focus in class and gain more from lecture. Almost always otherwise I...