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14 year old geek wants to learn physics

  1. Jul 31, 2012 #1
    I am very interested in physics.

    I have been trying to learn physics but I cannot find anything good and free to learn. It doesn't have to cover modern physics but nice if it did.

    I have no problem with maths, apart from calculus but i would like to learn.
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    Although a bit cliche I recommend hitting up wikipedia just to get the basics of physics. Newtons laws are crucial to basic physics,so if you are even vaguely familiar with newtons work you'll be able to handle basic physics. I would also recommend learning the SI base units. Physics is an interesting field of study and is worthwhile endeavour.
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    Also stop calling yourself a geek, because it has a very negative connotation. :)

    Wikipedia is a very good source to learn basic science. The only problem is that is doesn't offer problems to solve. I don't know of any other good source that does. You can ask your physics teacher?
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    The best way to start learning physics is to work on your math skills. Be proficient at algebra, trig and calculus.
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