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15 Year old wishing to self-learn physics and calculus

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    Im currently 15 years old and in grade 9, but I feel as though the math and science program at my school is moving terribly slow for my liking. What are some good physics textbooks for self-tutoring? And most importantly, what are some good calculus textbooks for self-tutoring?
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    khanacademy, get yourself some decent calc and algebra skills there

    Introduction to Linear Algebra with Gilbert Strang on youtube, very good lectures imo
    Leonard Susskinds lectures on physics on youtube, again, very good introduction/overview imo
    Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences - M Boas, a very good book on mathematical techniques
    If you want to learn more about the nitty gritty of calulus then try out some Baby Rudin or some Spivak

    For physics textbooks, Introduction to Mechanics by Daniel kelppner (or something like that) then, if you feel up to it try some goldstein or some landau and lifgarbagez mechanics

    You'll know where to go from there

    Good luck!
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    Thanks! sounds like a good plan, appreciate the help
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    Hey Gravitational, Serway and Jewett's "Physics for scientists and engineers" is a great detailed book. However, you will need a strong calculus foundation. Of course, James Stewart's Calculus 6th edition is a good calculus book. I would suggesting getting a strong base in math before moving onto more advanced physics.
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    For physics, the book I use at my school is "Conceptual Physics: The High School Physics Program" by Paul G. Hewitt. It's great because it puts most branches of physics into one easy to understand book. The concepts that are taught are

    -Classical Mechanics
    -The Properties of Matter
    -Heat & Thermodynamics
    -Sound & Light
    -Electricity & Magnetism
    -Atomic & Nuclear Physics.

    It has little mathematics, so it's easy to understand. The concepts that are explained are backed up using images, graphs, etc. to enhance understanding.

    If your interested in the Quantum side of things, check out

    "The Quantum World: Quantum Physics for Everyone" by Kenneth W. Ford.

    If you want to increase your mathematical abilities, check out Khanacademy. It has great tutorials for all kinds of Mathematics.

    I also suggest you watch the DVD's by NOVA. They talk about the physics of the universe.
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