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18 Year old having trouble finding a (Paid) Job... (IT)

  1. Oct 4, 2015 #1
    I'm having trouble trying to find part-time work to pay tuition & books at my CC I currently attend. Here are the places I've been applying / going to apply:

    - Best Buy / Geek Squad (also 3 local locations)
    - Staples Retail (3 local locations in my area)
    - Lytespeed Computers
    - NFP Telecommunications
    - etc.. (list will only get bigger)

    Here are my qualifications:

    IT / Relevant Experience:

    Former Intern at a small computer repair shop, pretty much a summer internship (3 Months)
    Former intern at my HS...(in the IT Program, IT Internship) (1 Month)

    Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certified

    Current CC Liberal Arts Student at my local CC

    Can anyone give me some advice on interview tips, etc..?? I need a paid position to help pay for tuition & books.

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  3. Oct 4, 2015 #2
    Change the font of your resume. (this is a well known trick to get you to re-read things carefully)

    Print it out. Sit down with a marker and get ready to mark up the printout.

    Then pretend you're the boss reading this resume. Read it critically. Try to identify what it is missing, or how it reads poorly.

    You need to refine this resume very carefully.
  4. Oct 4, 2015 #3
    I revised my Resume just a few days ago... I'm aware finding a job these days is mostly about qualifications, etc.. What's really getting me now is the availability. Because I'm a full time student at my CC & I can only work part time. I know I'll be able to get the job when the time is right.
  5. Oct 4, 2015 #4

    Vanadium 50

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    Why should the boss hire you? Thus far, you've only talked about what you want. He doesn't care what you want. He wants to hire someone who will help him reach his own goals.
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    Are your grades good? Have you spoken to the counselors at your CC? Most CC's hire students as tutors and pay usually ranges from $9 to $11 an hour, hours are part-time and flexible, there are also positions available for students to work in the library. There might be opportunities to work with the IT staff at your school.
  7. Oct 4, 2015 #6
    My CC does offer the Federal Work Study. I already have an application for their IT Department. Their Pay is Minimum wage & I just started the CC last month. This is my first year. As Far as I'm aware I have mostly B's for Grades (about a 3.0-3.7ish GPA). I admit I have some catching up to do (some Remedial classes). I'll look more into the Federal Work Study. And, again, the CC I attend's pay is Min. Wage (as far as I know)
  8. Oct 6, 2015 #7
    How would I tell the Manager / Recruiter that I will help him reach his goals?
  9. Oct 6, 2015 #8
    The buzzword we use to describe the work someone does is "add value." How would you "add value" to their organization?

    What can you do that will not only make money for you, but make even more for them so that they can afford to pay you?

    You want to look like a good investment. There needs to be a return on that investment. That's what you need to emphasize.
  10. Oct 6, 2015 #9


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    1. Keep trying
    2. Make your presence known. Go in, find the manager, mentioned that you applied and would love a spot if it works mutually.
    3. Branch out at first. Check some grocery stores if you have to. Sometimes the part-time entry level IT jobs are just all full...
    4. Network.

    To me, at your level, you are looking for an entry level job where a resume is of less importance. It's all about you being able to be an asset to whatever team you apply to, meaning you are good mannered, can help customers, can be on time, and perhaps have some relevant experience.

    Show them that you have these things by speaking up for yourself, finding the manager, introducing yourself, demanding a job. A good starting line is "Hey, I noticed you had a position open, my name is ___ and I applied for the position. I am just in checking the place out, do you have any words of advice for me" You can also replace "do you have any words of advice for me" with "what are you looking for out of a possible applicant here in terms of time, etc.

    As a former retail manager, when people did this to me, it made me guarantee them to check their availability/demands/resume. I would get some 15-20 applicants for my hire (and my job hire was more rare than other spots -- seafood member, not many people want that) while others would get much more.
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