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Automotive 1985 IMSA Ford Semi-Repro Questions

  1. Feb 7, 2012 #1
    mechanical engineers
    what engineering features are on
    car like this?
    it looks like the mark for me.
    mid-engine has it's plusses, but
    i think i'll stick with engine in front of me.

    Have A Nice Day!
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    can you tell the difference between a Porsche
    and a Ford?

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    auto engineers
    1 V8 & automatic
    2 Front Mid Engine like Wikipedia pic but engine set back more
    3 regular rear axle, like ford 9"
    4 front end Super Modified style straight axle, i mean STRAIGHT no drop.
    5 4 link locators front & back, once again ala Super Modified
    6 delete 'roof', just roll bar w/single brace
    7 'hang on' fiberglass body.
    Coyote Supercar building method.
    flat vertical and horizontal surfaces with radiused corners.
    question:what's that body shape called generally?
    the bodies like this IMSA car and Porsche 954 le mans cars, Paul Newman car.
    boxes with a front and rear cap isn't a good name.:smile:

    Have A Nice Day!

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    These were successful whether turbo 4 or 7 liter V-8.



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    howler monkey
    let me know if you enjoy the following
    'Automotive Engineering' aspects of this that follow.
    i'm using the 'mix and match' sytem of building.
    first time i saw 60's Super Modified chassis i thought
    i'm going to use those ideas someday.
    frame like Lough & Lough.
    if frame is 24" tall.
    that gives you 24" to bounce the front straight axle
    up & down in.
    it swings on a four link.
    frame is rectangular 24" tall & @40" wide.
    the beauty of Super Modified frame is
    longitudinals are straight as an arrow whole length.
    the IMSA car thing comes in with the look of

    Have A Nice Day!
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    auto engineers
    i'm going to use same method as
    these sprint car frames.
    main part of frame cross section is rectangular.
    whole frame is built on the square.
    i'm going to use rectangular tubing.

    Have A Nice Day!

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    Do you have the chassis built?
  10. Feb 9, 2012 #9
    1/4 scale chassis pic's should be
    available in 3-4 weeks.

    Have A Nice Day!
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