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Homework Help: 1d Kinematics, missing something.

  1. Oct 7, 2006 #1
    A person who walks for exercise produces the position-time graph given with this problem.


    (b) Calculate the average velocity for each segment to verify your answers to part (a).

    B is obviously 0

    For A I did .20 of an hour is 300 seconds.
    And 1km = 1000m

    So 1000/300 =3.33 and that is wrong..

    What am I doing wrong here I used:
    [tex]v_{ave} = \Delta x / \Delta t[/tex]
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    The expression for average velocity is correct, but you calculated the time wrong. 1 hour equals 3600 seconds. So, 0.2 hours equals 720 seconds.
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    Ah, thank you.

    I corrected my mistake and fixed my answers and they're correct.
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