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250VDC Line, Transient detection

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    Any of you guys know of any instrument to record both the DC and at the same time the AC transient of a DC line.

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    jim hardy

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    Wow. Telemetry

    Shades of yesteryear.
    Forty plus years ago we put a Sangamo brand transient capture machine in the power plant to record 60 hz AC and currents. We "souped up" a couple of their amplifiers so they'd handle DC as well.
    That machine was based on a 32 channel FM tape recorder where each signal to be recorded was handed to a V/F converter, which frequency modulated a carrier in audio range . Playing the tape back into a F/V converter reproduced the original signals. For one special DC signal I built a V/F out of a LM566 that worked fine. IRIG-B was the standard that defined FM frequencies for telemetry back then.

    Very soon afterward computers , especially mass storage, had progressed to the point that fast sampling ADC's and memory did the job way better and cheaper. And no tape drives to maintain.

    I dont know what size project you're into.
    Try searching some keywords from suppliers who make "power transient recorders". Google returns lots of hits. They tend to be utility scale with scores of channels tens of thousands of dollars.

    If it's just one channel you need to monitor on a budget it sounds like a project for Arduino or Raspberry Pi.
    One could do it with a VCO and an 8 track tape deck.....
    but only if you're really into "retro" and "steampunk" ( c'mon old jim act your age)

    A microcomputer is the way to go. Surely there's one out there, maybe Labview or something.. Sorry, i just dont know where. Im obsolete.

    old jim
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