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2A wireless charging mobile phone

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    Very simple question that just want confirmed or disconfirmed..

    I have a mobile cell phone which charges with max 2A but without wireless charging capabilities. Nowadays there are external wireless charging antennas for sale by the masses.. but even though there are charging platforms that can charge with 2A, I can never find a 2A "capable" antenna. They all seem to be limited to 1A max.

    Now my question is what would happen if I put a 2A capable phone with a 1A antenna on a 2A capable charging dock..

    I'd prefer wireless charging but also know it's better to charge a 2A capable phone / battery with 2A instead of 1A. Not just charging speed wise but also long livity of the battery.

    Anyone any ideas on this? And if not.. why are the antenna's limited to just 1A.

    Kind greatz

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    Can you post links to all of these products you are asking about, along with links to their datasheets? Thanks.
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