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A charging station, also called electric vehicle charging station, electric recharging point, charging point, charge point, electronic charging station (ECS), and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), is a machine that supplies electric energy to charge plug-in electric vehicles—including cars, neighborhood electric vehicles, trucks, buses and others.
Some electric vehicles have on-board converters that plug into a standard electrical outlet or a higher voltage outlet. Others use custom charging stations.
Charging stations provide connectors that conform to a variety of standards. For common direct current rapid charging, chargers are equipped with multiple adaptors such as Combined Charging System (CCS), CHAdeMO, and AC fast charging.
Public charging stations are typically found street-side or at retail shopping centers, government facilities and parking areas.

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  1. Philip Koeck

    A An electrolytic capacitor keeps charging by itself

    This is related to an earlier post (https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/an-electrolytic-capacitor-charges-by-itself.1008156/), but there's a new angle to it, therefore the new thread. I have two 100 microF electrolyte capacitors in my office, one is connected to a volt meter, the other is...
  2. gabriel109

    I Charging Capacitor with one terminal grounded

    I'm reading the capacity chapter of Serway's book, and I had a question about the charging of a parallel plate capacitor. Let's assume the following situation with a modification of the circuit in the figure: we connect the negative terminal of the battery and one of the capacitor plates to...
  3. J

    Lithium Charging Load Resistance?

    I'm trying to understand the load-resistance of an A123 Nanophosphate High Power Lithium Ion cell. https://www.buya123products.com/uploads/vipcase/844c1bd8bdd1190ebb364d572bc1e6e7.pdf My understanding is that resistance increases as the cell charges. The datasheet says "Internal Impedance...
  4. S

    Battery circuit current flow when charging

    I would like to know when a alternator is charging a battery is the current flow a series opposing circuit......?
  5. K

    Electrical conductivity has an effect while charging by conduction?

    I understand that electrical conductivity is a measure of how easily charges are able to move in an object. During charging by conduction (for conductors), it seems that we simply have to add the charges of both object together and divide by two to obtain the resultant charge of either object...
  6. V

    B Triboelectric charging vs charging by conduction

    Why does rubbing two objects together produce a different result than having them contact?
  7. V

    Reason for glass rod losing electrons

    I am not sure if the explanation below is enough. This is a high school level question. When rubbing occurs between glass and silk, then heat energy is produced which provides the energy needed to free up electrons in outermost orbits of atoms in silk or glass. But silk has very tightly bound...
  8. E

    I Does charging my phone increase its gravitational force?

    If the statement above is correct, I do not understand this concept. I guess by charging my phone I am not producing matter. Does it mean in this case, energy converts to mass (not matter)? Can someone please explain this?
  9. AN630078

    Capacitor Questions Charging and Discharging

    Question 1: a. I am aware that the general equation for capacitance is C=Q/V thus Q=CV. 22 μF = 0.000022 or 2.2*10^-5 F Would the charge stored by equal to Q=2.2*10^-5*12 Thus, Q=2.64*10^-4 C b. The energy stored by a capacitor is given by E=1/2QV=1/2CV^2=1/2Q^2/C I think with the information...
  10. L

    Charging an iphone with macbook charger

    So I can charge my iphone, with the 61W macbook charger using the USB-C interface. I think the battery won't draw more effect than it needs/is dimensioned for, so this works fine. Can i use any charger with an USB-C interface to charge my iphone? or does it only work with apple products? Or...
  11. L

    Improving the speed of induction charging

    If charging some smaller toy, phone, electric razor, toothbrush or the like with induction charging I assume that the speed (time it takes to charge an empty battery) will depend on 1. the battery to some extent, but for this sake let's omit that 2. the inductive charging it self 3. wall socket...
  12. narayan821

    Does DC or AC work best for charging most industrial batteries?

    I have a source of electricity that's alternating but at variable frequencies. So an asynchronous alternating current of sorts if you will. Can industrial rechargeable batteries be charged like this efficiently? Or would DC current work best? Or normal AC?
  13. Y

    System design for charging battery from turbine alternator

    I am designing a hydro power system that will tie into an off grid solar system. I will be using a 48v carbon AGM battery bank. Will be using the Sol-Ark 12kw inverter/charger, which has 2 built in MPPT charge controllers for solar. Assume the hydro power will be around 5 kw potential, and...
  14. F

    Battery Powered Electric Motor and Charging Requirements

    I need to build a battery system to drive a 10 HP pump motor. The actual BHP varies as the pressure in the system rises, but for the most part we are operating at a 10.1 brake horsepower. Run time requirements will vary from a few hours to many hours. I settled on 8 hrs as a basis. Motor...
  15. Y

    Float charging batteries: what really happens?

    A typical off grid solar system looks like this: PV Array -> MPPT controller -> Battery bank -> 240v AC inverter -> loads Suppose that the system is currently float charging: "Float charging, also called trickle charging, consists of charging the battery at the same rate that it is...
  16. A

    Tablet charging problem and data recovery

    My tablet is IKALL N9 .Recently,I started facing problem connecting it to the charger so I would adjust the charger a bit until it would show charging .But a few days back it stopped charging altogether.it won't show the charging sign neither with AC source nor the power bank.I even changed the...
  17. F

    Efficiency of charging new and old Li-ion batteries in electric cars

    An electric car has, say, a 50 kWhr battery. 1. How much electricity, in kWhr, is needed to add 1 kWhr of stored electricity to the battery? 2. After several years, the battery capacity has, say, fallen to 25 kWhr. How much electricity, in kWhr, is now needed to add 1 kWhr of stored...
  18. E

    Could you check this Li-ion charging circuit?

    Can secondary cell can be described in circuit simulator?? With other symbols like capacitor. Also I wonder if there's a program that provide secondary cell(like Li-ion battery). Please help me
  19. Lookitsame

    How do I properly charge my LIPO battery?

    Hey, I just purchased a lipo battery and was wondering if I wanted to charge it would I be able to use a 6v/3amp charger for the following lipo 7.4v/10amp. I'm pretty sure I would be able to. LIPO BATTERY: https://www.robotshop.com/ca/en/74v-2000mah-5c-lipo-battery.html What is the general...
  20. E

    Could you show me a super capacitor's charging circuit? :(

    What is the fastest circuit to charge a supercapacitor?? could you show me??
  21. E

    Electromotive force (or E cell?) during charging and discharging

    The EMF of the cell is the potential of the cathode subtract that of the anode, consistent with ##\Delta G = -nF\varepsilon##. If the cell is running as a galvanic cell/discharging, the EMF should be positive. If it is charging, the cathode (the one gaining electrons) is now negative and at...
  22. F

    B field between the plates of a charging capacitor (Ampere's law)

    A standard example consider a capacitor whose parallel plates have a circular shape, of radius R, so that the system has a cylindrical symmetry. The magnetic field at a given distance r from the common axis of the plates is calculated via Ampere's law: \oint_\gamma {\mathbf B} \cdot d{\mathbf...
  23. B

    Charging a magnetically levitating sphere to 1 gigavolt in a high vacuum

    What sort of limits would be encountered if you tried to charge a magnetically levitating sphere to as high a voltage as possible in an ultra high vacuum by using an electron beam aimed at the sphere? Assume the sphere is highly spherical and polished. If electrons have sufficient energy to...
  24. I8Paint

    Chemical/Paint Possibility of Electrically Charging Pigments DIY?

    Sorry if this is an absurd question. I'm recently been playing with alcohol inks and noticed certain pigments seem to repel and apparently attract each other and create interesting patterns under the right conditions. e.g. non absorbent substrate with no 'tooth.' So far this has worked best...
  25. E

    Maintenance charging of lead-acid battery bank (8 @ 6v)

    Hi. Could anyone guide me as to what equipment and considerations I need for maintenance charging a battery bank used as solar storage. The bank consists of 8, 6v deep cycle lead-acid batteries (Rolls batteries: S6- GC2-HC) The solar system is for a seasonal application and the shed they...
  26. C

    Redox Flow Battery Charging: Understand Electrochemistry

    I am researching the electrochemistry of redox flow batteries, however, I do not understand the charging process. As I understand DC current arrives in an electrode and transfers energy to excite electrons in the electrolyte thus providing energy to trigger a chemical reaction (storing...
  27. P

    With two DC charging sources, are blocking diodes required?

    I have a simple 12vdc system on a boat with a single battery bank. There is a stock alternator on the engine and I've inherited a solar panel i'd like to install. I understand that most solar charge controllers have built in back feeding prevention, but will i also need blocking diodes on the...
  28. C

    I RC charging - intuition behind equal dissipated energies?

    Assume that a resistor R charges a capacitor C, whose other terminal is connected to the ground. The charge at time t = 0 is assumed to be null and the supply voltage is equal to V. We have, as is well known, ##i = \frac{V}{R} e^{-\frac{t}{RC}}##. Integrating ##\frac{i^2}{R}## between t = 0 and...
  29. A

    Electric Potential across charging battery.

    Homework Statement [/B] A car battery with a 12v emf and an internal resistance of .040 ohms is being charged with a current of 50A. A.) What is the potential difference across the terminals? B.) The rate of energy dissipation in the battery Pr. C.) the rate of energy conversion to chemical...
  30. Scott Ryals

    Recharge satellite batteries utilizing a ground-based laser?

    Is it feasible to recharge satellite's batteries utilizing a ground-based laser?
  31. Nikhil Rajagopalan

    Charging and Discharging of a capacitor in an LC circuit

    In an LC circuit, the capacitor that is initially charged to a finite value starts to discharge cross the inductor, initially the current increases and the inductor opposes it, but as the current is supplied against the back emf, due to the discharging of the capacitor, won't it reduce the value...
  32. B

    Question on the work done while charging up a capacitor.

    So the work done when charging up a capacitor is ##dW=VdQ## However, when we add a charge ##dQ## to the capacitor, ##V## also changes accordingly, so I was wondering why the work done wasn't written as ##dW=VdQ+QdV## (one that also takes into account t he change in ##V##). Thanks in advance.
  33. W

    Charging a battery and monitoring the current w/ an instrumentation amp

    Homework Statement Homework Equations CMRR = Av/Acm Acm= Δ/R , Δ = (2 x Tolerance of Resistor).R The Attempt at a Solution I have to admit I am a bit confused by the premise of the problem. My understanding is Vout is used to vary Vcharge in some way, so that Icharge is always 1.3 A. Then...
  34. Jefffff

    Charging a battery by moving a magnet randomly in 2D plane?

    I'm sorry if this question is a little abstract, but would appreciate any guidance! It's for a DIY project I am considering. Suppose you have a flat panel mounted on a wall, and a very strong magnet that will move in any direction on the plane of the flat panel. Through any possible arrangement...
  35. Keanthon

    Charging a low voltage battery with a higher one of same Ah

    Let's say both battery have the same charge capacity of 3Ah Battery A has voltage of 3V and B has voltage of 6V. Battery A is completely discharged while B is completely charged. If I charge battery A with battery B, wouldn't B be completely drained because they hold the same amount of charge...
  36. Navin

    Charging tRNA for Dummies: Amino Acid Attachment & CCA Explained

    Hi could some one please explain Charging of tRNA (for dummies) ? Like i wanted info of the enzume complex during amino acid attachement and how the acceptor arm and CCA accepts the amino acid.
  37. L

    Calculate the charging time for my Electric Vehicle

    So cars usually specify the batteries in kWh (rather than Ah). So given that i know the kWh capacity of a car. I also know the charging effect in W (i.e. the voltage and amps in my charging station). Can I reasonably estimate the time it'll take to charge the battery? It doesn't have to be...
  38. C

    Calculations for a capacitor charging from another capacitor

    Hi all, I'd appreciate help in calculating the voltages in the circuit shown. I thought it should be fairly straight forward, but it has me stumped. This is a sample-and-hold circuit for an ADC -- the switch is closed to charge the hold capacitor with the sample voltage and then opened to...
  39. S

    Is there a B field in a charging spherical capacitor?

    Suppose a spherical capacitor is being charged. In this case the E field between the plates is growing with time which implies a displacement current which in turn implies a B field. How would one find this B field if it does exists? I'm guessing the B field is zero because of symmetry. I...
  40. D

    Two battery circuit charging one capacitor

    See attached photo for circuit diagram. The switch S has been open for a long time. Determine the magnitude of the electric charge stored by the capacitor. Use the following data: C = 3.43 mF, ε1 = 11.0 V, ε2 = 31.9 V, R1 = 3.66 Ω, R2 = 5.04 Ω. I understand how to determine the magnitude of...
  41. K

    How can I get 12V 1A charging voltage from USB?

    Hello everyone, Recently, I bought a R/C Helicopter which has a 7.4V 850mAh Lipo battery. I enjoy flying it in the field but I have a problem charging its batteries after each flight. I have no access to any car battery or 220V wall socket. I bought a Lipo charger for it which needs at least...
  42. A

    Strange charging voltage behavior in a resistor-capacitor circuit

    hi, i tried to simulate a simple capacitor and resistor charging circuit like this i used an imaginary resistor value "10M ohm" the result as you see appear to be strange, why this happened? is capacitor's charge is relative to the voltage on the capacitor it self? and i need some...
  43. Kaneki123

    B A Question about Charging by Conduction

    Okay...Is it possible to charge a metal, by conduction, using only a single terminal of a battery?...Like it we touch only the negative terminal with the metal, is it going to get a negative charge??...If not, then why?
  44. C

    Does charging metal negatively decrease the work function?

    Since positive charge on the photocatode increases work function of electrons, does charging metal photocatode negatively decrease work function? If not, why?
  45. K

    Is charging off of a car battery harmful for the car?

    Hello everyone, I'm a RC helicopter enthusiast and want to fly in the field where there is no AC wall socket available for charging the helicopter's battery. The helicopter's battery is a 7.4V 1500mAh Lipo (11.1 Wh). My car's battery is 12.65V 74Ah. There is a charger available for charging...
  46. morrobay

    Electrocution From Earphones In Phone That Was Charging ?

    Can someone explain how someone was electrocuted while wearing earphones from a phone that was being charged ? https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1011361-construction-worker-dies-while-charging-his-phone-at-chonburi-rooms/
  47. W

    Dell Inspiron Plugged in, Not Charging

    Hi All, My Dell Inspiron with Win 8.1 is plugged in but it is not charging. Please see screenshotsof power settings 1) https://www.physicsforums.com/attachments/2149932) https://www.physicsforums.com/attachments/214994 There was a post on this , but it did not answer the question. I am trying...
  48. M

    Finding the time for charging Voltage

    Homework Statement 1. The characteristic decay constant for a capacitor C discharging through a resistor R is the product of R times C. If the initial voltage at time t = 0 is Vo = 13Volts and what is the voltage at time t = 2RC? 2. A capacitor C = 9microFarads is charged from 0Volts to...
  49. Pushoam

    B-field inside a charging || plate (disc shaped) capacitor

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution I have difficulty in solving part (C). The surface bounded by the Amperean loop is like an open drum. The current enclosed by the loop is ## I_{en}## = I through the bottom of the drum + I(s) through that part of the curved...