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4 dimensions

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    How do you calculate an object in 4 dimensions? Like the 4 dimensional cube. I understand that a point is the begining of a line and a line is the begining of a plane. From there a plane translates into a 3 dimensional object. A 3 dimensional object translates into a 4 dimensional thing... I am confused at what the fourth dimension represents and what it offers in the field of applied mathematics. So what are some of the uses of the 4th dimension in analysis?
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    There is no "the" fourth dimension; dimension merely describes the number of coordinates needed to specify a point. I'm doing statistics with a 74 dimensional dataset as we speak; this isn't particularly unusual. There's no need to attach any sort of "real world" significance to it.
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    Although in physics, 4th dimension is usually regarded to be 'time'. Therefore, your representation would be the cube's shape and position as time passes (so, a bunch of different plots of cubes).
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