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8th Grade Science Project Ideas

  1. Feb 15, 2015 #1
    Hi guys, I need to create a science project, but first I need an idea. I have already come up with an idea, which was measuring stress level under timed and untimed tests, but my teacher said that it was too simple. Do you have any suggestions on any 8th Grade science projects I could do, that would incorporate physics and mathematics?
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    How about Googling ? I tried "great ideas for science projects" and now I really wish I was your age !
    Good luck !
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    Measuring the relationship between number of wraps and battery voltage (which changes current if the resistance is constant) for an electro-magnet. I did a project like this a bit younger than 8th grade, but you could probably do a little more research and do a better job with graphing the data etc. Some teachers won't accept this because you could just look up the relationship, but that wouldn't be fun.
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