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A bit of a fun project - The claw

  1. Dec 6, 2011 #1
    Hey guys,

    I got an idea in my head to have a bit of fun with a project idea. I want to make one of those claw games that they use to pick up toys, or chocolate bars etc.

    However there are so many ways to do it. Ideally i would like to make a small c program and put it on a PIC and use that to control everything, but then i might be over thinking the problem. Maybe it can be done with jsut simple logic gates, maybe CMOS or TLL.

    the machine:

    2 switches, one controls x plane movement, the other y plane - to move the claw around

    1 button, once ideal position is found by the user, the button is pressed, at this point, both movement switches cease to work, and the crane claw begins its decent, grabs the chocolate bar and then return up, then proceeds to a pre-programed corner of the machine body to drop the prize in the hole. Even if no prize is managed to be grabed, the claw still moves to the corner and releases.. well nothing.

    The claw: strength would be controlled by adjustable springs. I was thinking a servo arm would keep the springs taunt by attaching a string from the servo to the claw finger, thus the claw is open until the claw is at its final decent point then the servo releases the spring tension to create the grabing motion.

    target: between 20-50g objects, basically mini candy bars.

    motors: I was thinking step motors, but not to sure.

    Any idea where to start?

    I have the an idea on all the components of the machine, i just need some help with the programming of it. Would creating a C program be over kill? Or is there another way to do it?
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    C is the right way to go for programming in PIC. Assembly code is hard to write, hard to debug.

    Can you please explain by drawing the way you are going to control the claw fingers ? Your idea looks interesting and a bit more explanation can help us give some ideas from our end too :)
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