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A book introducing Quamtum Field Theory from a group theory approach

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    I'm looking for a book that describes Quantum Field Theory from a group theory approach for mathematical physicists (with emphasis on the physic part). Ideally I want it to first describe and define groups, representations and irreducible representations. The more rigorous the math, the better (but it shouldn't drown in technicalities of course). If you have ever read Robert Wald's book on General Relativity, it should ideally have the same kind of structure (I love that book!).

    Anybody know a book like this?
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    Try H. Weyl's 'Theory of groups & quantum mechanics'.
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    Siegel indeed covers many topics. But you might want to start with Chapters 2 and 3 of Maggiore's Modern Intro to QFT (unless you are a resurrection of Eugene Wigner or John von Neumann, in which case you probably won't need a textbook). It's thin, modern and proven itself over and over again. Also have a look at Pierre Ramond's books.
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