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BBC Music Introducing is BBC Radio's platform supporting unsigned, undiscovered, and under-the-radar UK talent. It gives artists the opportunity to be played on Local BBC Radio and nationally on Radio 1, 1Xtra, Radio 2, 6 Music, the Asian Network and Radio 3, as well as playing Introducing stages at festivals such as Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds and Radio 1's Big Weekend. Since launching in 2007, Introducing has helped launch the careers of Izzy Bizu, George Ezra, Jack Garratt, Florence + the Machine, Ed Sheeran, Jake Bugg, Catfish and the Bottlemen, James Bay and Little Simz.
In 2010 BBC Music Introducing was awarded the best new platform to discover music at the BT Digital Music Awards. In May 2011, BBC Music Introducing won the Gold award for Best Use of Multiplatform at the Sony Radio Academy Awards. In 2017, BBC Music Introducing celebrated its 10th anniversary with a live concert at Brixton's O2 Academy with George Ezra, Slaves, Rae Morris, Everything Everything, Nao and more performing live on BBC Radio 1.
Since 5 January 2013, every BBC Local Radio station across England and the Channel Islands broadcasts a BBC Music Introducing programme at 8pm on Saturday evenings. It also broadcasts in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland on Friday (Scot), Saturday (Wales) and Monday (NI) nights. There are more than 190,000 registered artists and 470,000 tracks uploaded to the BBC Music Introducing website, who get played weekly across Introducing shows on BBC radio, each reflecting its local music scene around the country.

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  1. M

    Stiffness Matrix Method: Symmetry vs Introducing a new node / joint

    Hi, In the question outlined in the images (apologies for the poor quality of the scans), the chosen solution has opted to use a symmetry argument and proceed from there. Question is from "Structures: theory and analysis" by Williams & Todd My question is: How could we approach the same...
  2. Cantor080

    Other Utility of a general math book introducing subjects not in historical order?

    I have Abstract Algebra Course, and my teacher is using the book, "Abstract Algebra" of David S. Dummit, and Richard M.Foote. This book, and other books which my teachers are using for the courses, seem to give definitions, theorems, and problems, in no historical order or are not mentioning the...
  3. C

    Learning Maths & Science: My Journey From High School to Now

    I've been wanting to learn more maths and science for a while now since I was decent at them in HS but I started to run into deeper personal problems later in my HS career and peaked my first year at a community college and I ended up dropping out. But I've cleaned up my lifestyle a bit...
  4. J

    Introducing Myself -- I have a 6 yo son that I'm trying to get interested in all things science

    Hi all, I hope everyone is well? I'm James Fitzpatrick-Ellis and I have a 6 yo son that I'm trying to get interested in all things science. It is working so far where he wants to make his own experiments up. So far we have: Made slime - if you add red food colouring during the mixing process it...
  5. MichPod

    I Introducing QM via commutators

    I understand there exists some way of teaching QM via postulating commutation relation between coordinate and momentum operator. May be even not simply postulating but bringing some reasons why such a commutator should be equal to "i"? Could you recommend some good book or article which teaches...
  6. wasup23

    I Introducing two identical containers with different gasses

    If you have two different containers filled with two different gasses at the same temperature, would they have less pressure when connected to each other? Dalton's law states that each of the gases behave independently when it comes to pressure as they fill the space as if they were the only gas...
  7. V

    Physics Compendium: Simplifying Complex Concepts Through Mathematical Proofs

    Hi I'm graduated engineer physicist from Switzerland. I love physics too much and especially beautiful and simple mathematical proofs of physical models apply to every field related to applied mathematics. Since twenty years i write a free e-book where i try to compile (compendium) the most...
  8. Mayan Fung

    Introducing SHM to high school students

    I need to introduce Simple Harmonic Motion to a group of high school students studying physics. They don't know anything about differential equation except the method of separation of variables. Also, they have limited knowledge on complex numbers like eiωt. However, I don't want to just give...
  9. donaldparida

    B What is the need for introducing the concept of G.P.E?

    What is the need of introducing the concept of gravitational potential energy in physics? Can't we simply say that when an object is lifted up it falls down because of the force of gravity acting on it instead of saying that it has G.P.E and so it is falls down?
  10. B

    Introducing Local Charge to Conductors?

    Homework Statement Is it possible to introduce local charge on a conductor? Homework Equations - The Attempt at a Solution I know that electrons can move freely from atom to atom in the conductor, so if you introduce excess electrons to the conductor, they'll spread out and there won't be a...
  11. GW150914

    What is the significance of the second detection of gravitational waves by LIGO?

    Hey everyone, I'm GW150914, and (obviously) I'm new here. (Or should I say "GW150914 report for duty sir"? lol) As you can see, my name comes from the first direct detection of gravitational waves by LIGO in 2015. I'm a Chinese (aka cool person lol) , now studying physics in USTC, and I'm interested...
  12. P

    Electron Density when Introducing Impurites

    How do you go about calculating electron densities, especially when impurities are involved?
  13. P

    What is the purpose of introducing the spin state along H

    The more detail you can see the attachment. I don't understand why Rabi translate the state along z axial to H axial as shown the equations (8).
  14. M

    What are the benefits of using online forums for scientific research?

    I'm not new to here, actually I started my first account 4 years ago when I started university studying Robotics. I just made a new account since I forgot everything about the old one/ This forum helped me a lot in times when the literature we used was unclear or insufficient, whether physics or...
  15. marcus

    Introducing the Model T time unit "Lizzie": key to H_infinity

    The Ford Model T, affectionately known as the Tin Lizzie, is thought to have been the first widely affordable/accessible automobile. Production of the Model T started in 1908. I'm looking for a cosmo-friendly time unit that is short enough to be real and familiar to all of us, but at least an...
  16. T

    What career paths are available for physics undergraduate students?

    Well I'm a mexican student in the middle of my undergraduate studies in physics; I have good grades and enjoy it a lot, but I find myself a little lost when someone asks about what I'm going to do later in my life as a scientist or an academic or whatever. I came here for some guidance and I'm...
  17. G

    Is there a better way to learn physics?

    Hi, I am from India and I am a BSc. Physics student.I am fed up with the 'for exams only' content of my textbooks and while surfing the net looking for imaginative explanations for stuff, I bumped into this site. I am looking forward to enjoying it ! :rolleyes:
  18. S

    Introducing Physics First: Algebra and Trigonometry Qualifications Required

    Physics First, instead of the typically required Earth Science and Biology - Good idea, but for which students? For everybody, or just for those with enough Algebra and Trigonometry qualifications? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leon_M._Lederman
  19. Rocket50

    Introducing Myself: 2nd Year U of T Student in Maths & Physics

    I've seen a lot of people making introductions and since I'll probably be here for a while, I might as well do the same. I'm a second year student at the University of Toronto doing a specialist (honors) program in Mathematics and Physics. I'll probably need a lot of help from here, since...
  20. L

    Introducing K3 Manifold/Surface for Physicists

    Does anybody know nice introductory material for K3 manifold/ surface? Some very basic exposition, maybe hidden in some book. Understandable to someone with math background (preferable physicists) , but not completely expert stuff. THANKS
  21. Q

    Introducing Loop Quantum Gravity: Where to Start?

    If you search major book retailers on the internet, you can find lots of new and very good books on string theory, for both novice and more advanced students. However, for loop quantum gravity, you can't really find anything. Is there an introductory book that takes you from QFT to LQG ? Where...
  22. S

    Welcome! Introducing Myself in the Forum

    Well although the thread topic speaks for itself I want to introduce myself here. I created an account in this forum a while ago and I've been checking it a bit So yes! I want to participate but I know no one, I tried to find the topical section in which newbies introduce themselves but I...
  23. T

    Introducing parameters in integrals

    Homework Statement Using the integral ∫dx/1+x^2 = pi/2 from 0 to infinity as a guide, introduce a parameter and then differentiate with respect to this parameter to evaluate the integral ∫dx/(x^2+a^2)^3 from 0 to infinity Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution ∫(1/1+x^2) =...
  24. A

    Need Help with Mathematical Proof? - Introducing Myself & Seeking Assistance

    Dear all, I am new to this forum and this is my first post. I hope this is the right place to open this topic. I have a homework for my mathematical methods for physics course and i am kind of stuck into a question: v=ψ∇β show that ∇xv is perpendicular to v. Here v is a vector x is cross...
  25. matqkks

    Determinant - best way of introducing determinants on a linear algebra course

    Determinant -- best way of introducing determinants on a linear algebra course What is the best way of introducing determinants on a linear algebra course? I want to give real life examples of where the determinant is applied.
  26. S

    Problem Introducing Me to Sliding Friction

    I'm going through the problems at the back of a chapter in my physics book where all the challenging questions are. I'm able to solve most and comprehend the rest, however, there's one that's introducing a new concept that I'm not quite sure how to think about. Its a situation where I'm...
  27. bcrowell

    Pedagogy: story lines for introducing GR?

    There are various roads from SR to GR. In a couple of years I may get a chance to teach a semester-length class on relativity for liberal arts students. Any comments on what story line works best? Some possibilities: (1) Thought experiments with elevators suggest that the Newtonian...
  28. S

    Bell's test: Introducing a control experiment

    If we were to introduced a set of un-entangled, but same polarized, photons as control experiment what would the results be of the control experiment? So we have the following three cases: Bell test Experiment: Send entangled photons Result is that P(-30,30) is not equal to P(0,30) + P...
  29. J

    On Introducing a Nano-Planet into an Existing Solar System

    Thanks again to all who participated in the Hand Grenade in Solar Orbit discussion. Here's a related question that was prompted in my mind from that discussion: Suppose we could magically insert a new nano-planet (we'll call it "Bob") into our existing solar system. Let's suppose that...
  30. K

    Introducing African American Scientists to kids in Middle School- High School

    1. Dr. Meredith Gourdine for Physics- Physicist who is best known for finding a successful method to use the principles of EGD to directly convert gas to electricity. 2. Percy Julian for Biology- He created derivative drugs to treat glaucoma and arthritis. 3. Lloyd A. Hall for Chemistry-...
  31. C

    Who is Qooglo and why is Google celebrating them on International Women's Day?

    Introducing Qooglo! In honour of International Women's Day, Google has changed their logo to the name of a Teletubbie (well, that's what Qooglo kind of sounds like to me, at least). They've also chosen to represent the strength of women around the world with a pretty yellow flower and a...
  32. N

    Introducing Rigor to my existent knowledge (Calculus and Linear Algebra)

    I am an Mechanical Engineering major and just recently I found myself to be very interested in Computational Mathematics. I have taken the typical 3 courses on Calculus but the problem is that since they were being taught majorly to an engineering audience, no one bothered with the epsilon...
  33. P

    Are Introductions Common on This Forum?

    Hi All, I'm not sure if introductions are the norm on this forum (I didn't see any), but they are customary on some other forums that I frequent. I graduated with a BS in Physics about 2 decades ago. I've spent ZERO days working as a physicist or researcher. Shortly after graduation, I...
  34. C

    Introducing Myself: Learning About the Universe

    Hi there all. I have had the deepest desire since I was a kid to learn about the Universe is and the place we live in. Now that I am grown up, I am studying the math and sciences that we as a human race have developed to help explain everything. I love to hear about all the theories and...
  35. H

    Introducing Myself: Hiya Physics Student

    Hiya physics student as of next year, doing a lot of maths atm. Would like to get a heads up so came here. Hope the time is not wasted. :)
  36. R

    Introducing Physics for Beginners

    Greetings, I was wondering if there are any books or perhaps media that might explain the basic of physics for a complete novice. I, somehow, developed an interest in learning more about this particular set of science. If you would be kind enough to introduce me to some educational materials...
  37. T

    Introducing Myself and Seeking Advice

    Sirs and Ma'ams, This, my first post, is really more of an introduction or perhaps an excuse to finally become a member of this forum instead of just a "guest" lurker. I am including a query, though, since I don't see an "intro" sub-forum like a lot of other forums have and typically require...
  38. N

    A book introducing Quamtum Field Theory from a group theory approach

    I'm looking for a book that describes Quantum Field Theory from a group theory approach for mathematical physicists (with emphasis on the physics part). Ideally I want it to first describe and define groups, representations and irreducible representations. The more rigorous the math, the better...
  39. matqkks

    Introducing Complex Numbers to Engineers: Relevant Examples Explained

    What is the best way of introducing complex numbers to engineers who are weak at mathematics? They normally want something tangible or relevant examples.
  40. S

    Introducing Gaussian errors to data (Matlab)

    Homework Statement I need to introduce Gaussian errors to a set of velocity measurements. The errors should have mean zero and standard deviation .2. v = [4.6 3.8 7.2 9.7 6.4]; The Attempt at a Solution I tried to use Matlab's imnoise command (J=imnoise(v,'gaussian',0,.04), but...
  41. physics girl phd

    Introducing Ellie Eleanor Frances - 7 lbs 12 oz and 19.5

    Eleanor Frances (aka. "Ellie") arrived Sunday July 19 at 7:22 PM, weighing 7 pounds 12 ounces, and measuring 19 1/2 inches long. She's astonishingly good, but I think I need to go change a diaper. Here's some pics I was attaching before the discovery. (Note: my spouse will want to make the...
  42. marcus

    Exploring the Language of Cosmology Basics: Introducing Terminology to Newcomers

    In this PF Cosmo forum context we have to be sensitive/practical about language. How to state cosmo basics, especially to newcomers who may not have assimilated technical terms like "scalefactor" yet. This does not mean we dumb everything to the max! Introductory terms should lay a basis of...
  43. P

    Mathematica Introducing new populations in mathematica graphs

    hi i was wondering if anyone knew how to introduce different populations at diffrent times on the same plot on mathematica? Say i wanted population 1 have n = 10 at t=0, population 2 to have n=4 at t=0 and then introduce a new population at t=25 so that population 3 would have n= 0 initally but...
  44. N

    Welcome to the Community, Arjun! Let's Discuss Abstract Algebra and Physics

    Hey guys, my name is Arjun. I'm a physics and math major at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. I've come across this forum a couple of times this past quarter as I've tried to find help for various abstract aglebra and physics problems so I've decided to stop lurking and become a member...
  45. U

    Introducing Ian: Working on an Athletic Training Degree & Stumped by Physics HW

    This is my first post here so I want to start off introducing myself. My name is Ian and I'm a working on a degree in athletic training. I've done pretty well in any physics related classes so far and for the most part I think I'm hanging in there this semester, but I have come across a problem...
  46. T

    Introducing Alex: Exploring Math & Finding a Major

    This is my formal introduction, I guess. My name is Alex. I'm currently attending a CC here in S. Florida. I'm undecided as far as my major goes, but, as far as I can remember, I've loved numbers. So, it's going to be something math related. I'm ecstatic to have found these forums as my...
  47. Ivan Seeking

    Introducing Little Tyke: A Tribute to Einstein

    As some of you know, we lost our very special 17 year old cat, Einstein, about a month ago. And even though we still have two more cats and a stray that visits daily, Tsu came home with this the other night. He is three weeks old. Einstein's nickname was Little Tyke, so we named this little...
  48. L

    Who is Davit Jon and what awaits him at PF?

    Hello My dear very good friend nice to meet all of you ______________-- Davit Jon
  49. Ivan Seeking

    Introducing Hawking & Susskind: An Academic Tale

    Who introduced Hawking to Susskind. What was his original profession, and what was his profession when he introduced the two scientists.