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Homework Help: A Conceptual Difficulty regarding Potentials

  1. Jan 12, 2012 #1
    Plz help me out with this difficulty. Here is a figure showing two conducting spheres(haven't drawn all EF lines):-

    Here is the problem, Suppose one of the spheres is charged with a charge +Q, other is neutral
    , so charges will get induced as shown in figure. The left portion of orange sphere(neutral one)
    is at lower potential than the right portion because it has -ve charge and other is +ve.
    Since E=0 inside a conductor, we have:-
    so if we move from the point A(on left surface) to B, since E=0 we have,
    so VA =VB
    Now if we move from the point C(on right surface) to B, since E=0 we have,
    so VB =VC
    but Va<Vc??
    What is wrong in this reasoning?

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    The conclusion in sentence I put in RED above is wrong.
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