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A Fun Solution That We Came Up With In Grade 12 Calculus

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    We were in Calculus class, and the problem sin(x)/n was left on the board from the last class. The teacher meant to put an x in the denominator I guess. We solved it like so:


    The n terms cancel out

    sin(x)/n = six = 6

    Whatddya think?
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    Sorry to tell you this, but thats an old one.
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    you crazy kids...
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    Someone must've travelled forward in time and stolen it from us...
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    http://img264.imageshack.us/img264/7218/n8346748367781432960ce4.jpg [Broken]
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    I lol'ed...

    lol where did you get that? Is there a website that sells them?
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    i have no idea. the joke is at least as old as the early 90s. i just googled 'til i found a pic of it.

    i'm guessing this was a local thing done by a few students somewhere. if you wanted a one-off, you might could make a graphic and upload to one of those t-shirt sites (cafepress maybe?).
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    That made me laugh!!!
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    That's awesome. Now I have to try to find a shirt like that.
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