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Physics A physics undergrad university with specific criteria for a SAM student

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    hi, am new in this forum thing, from Malaysia, currently pursuing South Australian Matriculation, graduating in 2010.

    I would like to major in physics and later be a lecturer whilst conducting researches. Would prefer to study overseas. Which university or college would be suitable with the following criteria?

    - Has a solid physics course, preferrably not mixed up with some humanities courses
    - The course allows later specialisation in a wide field of physics
    - The university offers other courses to create a more diverse environment
    - Fairly pretigious in conducting researches
    - Emphasis on high standard education
    - Medium-high fees
    - High chance of research and working experience

    Lecturer-student ratio does not matter.

    My current status:

    - SAM subjects are physics, bio, chem, maths, english
    - Expecting TER 98 or above
    - Fairly well co-curricular activities in secondary school but not in college
    - Not involved in any community services
    - No working experience
    - Planning to take IELTS and TOEFL, depending on which country i am going

    The problem is that SAM is not widely recognised in US universities (which i think is where the better courses are offerred), and i am not taking Specialist Maths bcz this physics idea sprouted after i chose the subjects. Am currently doing extra homework with specialist maths. Preferrable if the university is not in countries where foreign language (not english) is not required eg in Germany. Am not hopeful to be admitted in universities like Caltech, Harvey Mudd, CMU and MIT.

    By the way how are physics courses in Australia?

    Thanks for your advice and help!
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