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A question about Taylor series expansions

  1. Nov 12, 2011 #1
    Find the Taylor series expansions for f(x)=x*e^(-x^2) about x = -1
    -(1/E) - (x + 1)/E + (x + 1)^2/E + (5 (x + 1)^3)/(3 E) + (x + 1)^4/(
    6 E) - (23 (x + 1)^5)/(30 E) - (29 (x + 1)^6)/(90 E) + (
    103 (x + 1)^7)/(630 E)......
    This is the answer from Mathematica but i don't know how it goes.
    Can anybody help me?
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    D H

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    Try posting your question again, but when you do so use the required format for homework.

    Don't forget to show the relevant equations and show that you have done some work on the problem.
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