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A question from construction of psychrometric chart

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    There is wet-bulb temperature of 69 centigrade in the picture which I cannot understand how it is placed there and what is the relation between it and saturation line (RH of % 100)

    Thank you

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    There's some sort of problem with the attachment.
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    The diagonal lines are constant wet bulb: so that's the label of the line it is next to.
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    this the second related picture

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    jim hardy

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    Isn't it 69 degF not C ?

    It'd be placed vertically above the 69 on horizontal axis
    at 100% humidity , wet bulb and dry bulb are the same ? And at any other humidity there's wet bulb depression ?

    Remember what's going on on that psychrometer - moisture is evaporating, cooling the bulb. They're plotting that depression.
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