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A question laws of the inverse

  1. Feb 29, 2008 #1
    in this question my book makes a certain presumption

    that some how the ability for the matrix to be inversible
    connects to its dim Im

    can you say how it works in this question???

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    Have you learned about linear maps yet? There are some nice relations such as these which will help you out here.
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    it doesnt help me much in solving this question
    can you please be more spesifiv about where to read in this page
    because there are a lot of theory
    which i already know

    can you answer to my original question
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    I linked to a very specific section of that page, namely the one stating
    Now if you have some knowledge of linear maps and such (which I presume you do, or should have at least, because the book uses terms like kernel and image in the first place), the statement will immediately follow.
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