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A room with a stronger gravitational force?

  1. Sep 29, 2009 #1
    Hello dear scientists,

    I was wondering if it's possible to create a room with a stronger gravitational force, whether on this planet or not, as opposed to an anti-gravity room. This is where athletes such as fighters could train for substantial results. Any ideas on how this could be possible?

    Thank you.
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    Like a place with lets say, 1.2 the times of gravity, so that runners could way more, and therefore train for higher amounts of stamina for races with earth gravity?

    If gravity is the result of the mass of the earth, I really don't know how you could do it unless you had a very large habitable planet lying around.
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    It could be simulated with a centrifuge—a much larger version of the type used for fighter pilot and astronaut training.
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    The 747 accelerating upwards at high speed?
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    or any aircraft flying in circles.
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    Train on Jupiter?
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    Weights on their arms and legs?

    It may not be exactly what you want - but you can't beat it for $$$!
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    You've been watching dragonball z havent you...

    Sadly no ther eis no way to artificially increase gravity in a localised area in a practical manner.
    Dave has the best method, form fitting weights.
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    depending on the results you want. for athletes that need to train their fast twitch muscles they wouldn't want to train that way b/c it trains their muscles to move at less than the fastest speed attainable.
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