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A Second Bachelors Degree in Physics

  1. Jun 11, 2015 #1
    I know that this question has been posted by others before, and I've read the threads, but I want to hear it again.

    I'm about to graduate with a BA in Geography. It has taken 8 years to get it, because I am not made of money and I've spent more time at work than I have at school. In fact, that is why I did not pursue the sciences from the beginning - I thought it would take up too much of my time and I did not want to receive poor grades (stupid, stupid me).

    Of course, now older and wiser, I know that science, specifically physics, is what I want to do (the most frustrating part is that I have known this ever since I was about 13). I keep trying to push the idea out of my mind, but its not going away, so here I am.

    I'm getting older (sort of... for a student, anyway) and I have to decide: is my next step going to be to settle on a master's degree that relates to my degree, or do I pursue physics? I know that with my background, I would need to start from the very beginning... probably needing to do upgrade courses even just to get into the first year maths/science.
    I love school, spending decades in school is not an issue for me - but money, unfortunately, is.

    So, go ahead, share your opinion if you have one.
    I think I'm crazy. But the idea isn't going away. So what to do?
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  3. Jun 11, 2015 #2
    So the real question is which will you regret more: staying in your current field and wondering "what if" for the rest of your life, or spending a few more years in school, which you say isn't the problem (except for financially)?

    That's something only you can decide. However, since you already have a BA, a lot of the gen ed courses you won't have to take again I'm guessing. You'll see that a lot of people going for their BS in physics are, in fact, a lot older. In my department at least, there were quite a few people in their low-to-mid 30's who either pursued another career at first or goofed around in their 20's and decided to buckle down.

    Overall... it's your life. You only get one shot at it.... going into the workforce full-time and then deciding later on down the road that you want to go back to school is a tricky endeavor. It's possible that if you continue in geography, you will kick yourself later, and that to me isn't worth it. But that's a question only you can answer.
  4. Jun 11, 2015 #3
    I sympathize with this and posted something along these lines. I also earned a BS in a different field and am sort of regretting it. I am definitely interested in hearing some replies as well.

    We have the same thought process. You onl get one shot at this life thing and I sure as hell don't want to think what if. I say go for it if it is what you REALLY want. Good luck on your journey!

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