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A self regulating containment valve for cooling

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    So i want to create a container that is part of a system that already actively cools things that touch it. This variable cannot be changed.
    What i need is a container with some sort of valve that automatically opens up at a certain temperature. Thereby allow air to circulate and reduce the cooling inside.
    I know there are thermostatic valves but they tend to be heat driven, does anyone know of a material or design that will passively open when its a certain temp too cold and close around a certain temp.

    I know this is an odd questions, but if anyone will know. You guys are they way.

    Much appreciated
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    You can look at an air to close valve and make a controller do that for you. Are you familiar with process control?
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    I don't see why a bimetallic strip type couldn't be made to work at low temperatures. I don't think they are very accurate though?
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