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Abaqus modeling of a complex material

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    hello all
    i'm trying to modal a complex material with matrix of material X and small spherical inclusion of material Y, i would like to have the ability to control the density of the inclusions and the surface properties between the material.
    does anyone know about a guide for the situation? that would be a great help
    thank you
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    There are several ways of tackling this problem depending on the details of the composite material and the scale and geometric complexity of the actual object being modelled .

    Please tell us more about the material itself , the object being modelled and generally what you want to achieve with this work .
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    the geometric of the model is quiet simple, 100X30X1 mm with the inclusion of around 3-15 micron. the model will used for tensile test model
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    But what is the nature of the material ?

    Are the particles systematically or randomly arranged ?
    Is there a high concentration of particles or low concentration of particles ?
    Are the particles bonded or unbonded to the support material ?
    Do the particle and support materials have simple elastic or more complex mechanical properties ?

    Tell me as much as you can .
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    the matrix is elastic material, Aluminium alloys and steel
    the particles are randomly arranged
    concentration of the particles are between 1% to 20%
    the particles are not bonded but i know about the cohesive elements properties in abaqus.
    simple elastic properties.

    thank you
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