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About scattering and bound states

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    I'd like to ask you what do the texts mean by scattering, bound and antibound states. The context for these concepts is scattering theory.

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    A bound state has E < 0

    And scattering, well scattering is when you have a incident particle (wave function [itex] \psi _{in}(x) [/itex]) which accected by a potential (scatterer [itex] V(x) [/itex]) which leads to another (unbound) particle state (a new wave function [itex] \psi _{out}(x) [/itex).

    That is perhaps the most simple explanation I can give, I am sure you will understand more later. Here are some good introductory material I used when I started with Quantum scattering:

    http://www3.tsl.uu.se/thep/courses/QM/scattering-overview.pdf [Broken] (very good, with pictures and history)

    http://farside.ph.utexas.edu/teaching/qmech/lectures/node130.html (sort of a textbook)

    http://www.theorie.physik.uni-muenchen.de/~serge/scattering1.pdf [Broken] (summary of formulas)

    Its better to ask specific questions, if you want a good answer :-) This was a quite general question.

    It is also quite hard to answer you since you dont say what your text is, which book do you use? Isn't these things defined somewhere?
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    I claim ignorance about anti-bound states.
    A good reference about bound states and scattering states is D Ruelle "A remark on bound states in Potential Scattering theory" Nouvo Cimento V61A p655-662. It is a bit heavy on the math though.

    The basic idea they give is that a bound state is any state which is "confined" to a compact region in space for all time. In contrast a scattering state will leave any compact region of space given enough time.

    This makes sense if you think about it. A Bound state is "BOUND" to some finite region for all time where as a scattering state is not.
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