Absorption cross sections of hydrogen ions

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    i need the values for the absorption cross sections of positive hydrogen ions for a specific set of wavelengths, Halpha to start with. At first i thought finding this on the web was easy, but turns out to not be trivial at all. If you can help me, i also need the (reliable) source where it comes from, a value alone will help me for a brief moment, but will bring me back to the problem in the long run (i think the scientific community will burn me if i try to publish something like 'i got this value from someone on an online physics forum')
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    euhm, this chart seems to just give spectral lines of hydrogen, while what i need are absorption cross sections, i.e. the measure of probability that the hydrogen ion absorbs a photon, this being dependent on the wavelength. I need this for a specific set of photon wavelenghts, one of which being 656.28 angstum (the Halpha line)
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    Um, H alpha is the line for neutral hydrogen atom, not positive hydrogen ion!
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    ok wait, i'm getting confused, or mixing up my basic physics, so let me go more broad:
    Let's say we have a postiive hydrogen ion being radiated by light with a very broad wavelength range. What wavelengths will get absorbed and what is the corresponding absorption cross section?
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