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Hydrogen - Halpha cross section

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    i need the absorption cross section for the absorption of an H-alpha photon by a hydrogen atom, in the correct state of course, which i'm pretty sure is neutral hydrogen, n=2. I am needing this for a project, so i also need a reliable source where this comes from.

    Thanks beforehand and friendly regards,
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    Haven't you been looking for this since July, have you not seen anything in the 5 months since?
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    Sort of. I wrote some code about this which technically works, i just need the exact number, but then a lot of other stuff came up that i had to do first, so i left searching for this value for later, which is now. And as i actually made lots of mistakes in my first thread, i thought better make a new one.
    But please, someone who can help me?
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    Also, to be more precise, its the absorption cross section per hydrogen atom that i need.
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