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I Absorption rate on a quantised EM field

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    I have this problem:
    Consider the next state for the EM field: ##|A\rangle=\frac{1}{\sqrt{N!}}\left ( \int e^{-k^2} \boldsymbol{a}^\dagger_{k,+} \right )^N |0\rangle##. There is a particle in the unique bound state for spherical potential ##V(r)=-\delta ^\prime(r)/r##. for absorb a photon if the initial state for field is |A>? I was thinking use the Fermi golden rule but I can't figure out. Any advice?
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    @brunow : I used magic moderator powers to edit your post to correct the inline LaTeX. The correct way to do inline LaTeX is to use ##, not $.
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