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Academic Guidance Question- Getting Started

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    Hi. How would you start learning physics if you had no background in it? -If you hadn't taken calculus yet?

    Here is my situation:
    I have no background in physics.
    I haven't taken algebra 2 yet.
    At my school, algebra 2 is pretty much a class about very basic algebra again with a little graphing, functions, logarithms, matrices, vectors, basic trigonometry, and a mixed bag of unrelated math topics.
    I went to my school's physics club and am being taught elementary topics in calculus. It is going fine although I am still slow at reading the symbols I'm new to. I'm having the most difficulty with relating calculus to position, velocity, and acceleration when the teacher at the club is explaining things.
    I want to learn outside the club as well since no handouts or assigned readings are being handed out during the club.

    What would you do if you were in my position?
    What books would you recommend to me?
    What resources would you recommend to me?
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    Don't worry, your not the only one in algebra who this has happened to, but there are libraries, and you can read every physics book in the library and ask people things you don't really understand

    source: been there , read nearly every book of physics in the library
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