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Academic issues and study habits (possible transfer).

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    I am currently taking Electrical Engineering at a local college outside of the United States. I will be direct and explicit about my issue here: I am getting terrible grades, possibly failing three classes this semester and I don't see myself adjusting properly in my current college. I am worried about internships and ABET accreditation; my current college is not accredited and doesn't have the same internships/possible job opportunities that the other college that I might transfer to has . I am deciding to transfer to that other college that is ABET accredited and supposedly "easier"; my current college is known for being difficult for the wrong reasons.

    1-Should I transfer? I am worried about my current GPA (2.6 out of 4.0), and I want to get a masters degree in a good school. Also, how important is ABET accreditation?

    2-What should I do to avoid these problems that have plaguing me since my second year of high school: terrible study habits, constant distractions, a lot of time wasted trying to solve problems or getting stuck studying. I can't pay attention enough in lectures, and I get headaches and increased blood pressure the day before exam; I got it today and I barely studied anything for my final exam. I am afraid that these habits might affect me even when I transfer or try to get Masters/PhD.

    The thing about my current college is that it has limited facilities and no ABET accreditation. My personal experience with it has been awful and psychologically destructive; it is similar to working in a place you don't like. I want to leave this place, fix my GPA and studying issues: I want to be able to handle pressure, and I want to be punctual and use my time properly.
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    Going to a different college may help if they have more helpful facilities and staff, but the final question is... are you going to change your study habits? You say you get high blood pressure before an exam. Everyone becomes stressed before exams, but do you prepare for the exam adequately? Also, I do not think viewing time spent on trying to solve problems as "wasted" time.

    But perhaps if you move to a different college you will have better environment to helps you focus. You should try to find a friend or someone in your class to study with since studying by yourself may not be the solution to your problem.

    Also, perhaps you may want work on your habits. You may need some medication to help you focus. I know many people will be against it, but it has proven to help others, and I genuinely know people that suffer from ADHD that could not have graduated without medication. I hope you figure out what you want to do and good luck in your academics!
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