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Acceleration and velocity when time and distance are known

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    A physics student is taking a car for a joy ride on a long, empty and perfectly
    straight Saskatchewan highway. At the beginning of the joy ride the student has the
    car accelerate from rest to some top speed with a (constant) acceleration of 4:50 m=s2
    and then maintains that top speed to the end of the ride. The total time taken from
    the start of the joy ride to its end is 1:36 minutes and the total distance covered is
    3:84 km.
    (a) What was the time elapsed during the acceleration phase of the car's motion?
    (b) What distance did the car cover during the acceleration phase of its motion?
    (c) What was the top speed reached by the car?

    Please help. tell me which dervived formula you used!
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    Welcome to Physics Forums !

    Firstly, this should be moved to homework help section, because it seems like a hometask problem.
    Secondly, you should post your ideas and approach to the solution of the problem, because its a lot better if you can solve it yourself with a little bit of help from us rather than we giving you the answer right away.

    It actually took me a tad to realize how to solve this problem. But once you put the pieces together, the problem solves beautifully. Thats why I would like you to try yourself at first.
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